AI-based facial expression recognition tech accurately detects subtle changes in expression


Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories of America has announced the development of an AI facial expression recognition technology that detects subtle changes in facial expression with a high degree of accuracy. The new technology was developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. 

One of the obstacles for facial expression recognition technology is the difficulty in providing large amounts of data required to train detection models for each facial pose, because faces are usually captured with a wide variety of poses in real-world applications. To address the problem, Fujitsu said it has developed a technology to adapt different normalization process for each facial image.

For example, when the angle of the subject's face is oblique, the technology can adjust the image to more closely resemble the frontal image of the face, allowing the detection model to be trained with a relatively small amount of data. The technology can accurately detect subtle emotional changes, including uncomfortable or nervous laughter, confusion, etc.-even when the subject's face is moving in a real-world context. 

Fujitsu said it anticipates that the new technology will find use in a variety of real-world applications, including communication facilitation for employee engagement and to improve workplace safety for drivers and factory workers.

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The pace of development of computer systems, and of AI, is nothing short of stunning. Leaves me wondering if humans will indeed be replaced by something less inclined toward superstitions and ideologies.

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Hmm ... that 'variety of real world applications' did not mention the possibility of face detection in 'unlawful' demonstrators (euphemism for unauthorized gatherings by an authoritarian state) — even while wearing masks. 

But I'm sure someone else has already been thinking about how to get around those pesky limitations of emerging technology. 

Progress marches on.

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Deep Fake recognition or Actual Facial recognition ?

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