AI can read! Tech firms race to smarten up thinking machines


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What will be concerning, is how some people who don't understand the limitations of AI will suddenly make a leap of bad judgement and misuse it, thinking that it will solve all problems..

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Perhaps, it is time again - again again - for all of us to read John Searle's Reith Lectures, published as Minds, Brains, and Science. One can also read the entry entitled "The Chinese Room Argument" in the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Other wonderful books are those by his colleague at Berkeley, Hubert Dreyfuss: the book What Computers Can't Do, and its successor What Computers Still Can't Do.

With greater computing power, the claims of AI are again being greatly inflated.

In these uncertain times, it's imperative that we remind ourselves of the virtual noncomputability - in Godel's sense - of human intelligence, consciousness, and subjectivity.

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This is so stupid. We are doomed

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