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AI-generated fashion models could bring more diversity to the industry - or leave it with less


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the percentage of black women in the us is about 6%, not 10%.

what about short, obese, unattractive women?

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Dearest downvoters, you are missing the larger point.

The article states, as a fact, "women of color in particular have long faced higher barriers to entry in modelling."

Where? Do "woman of color" have higher barriers to entry in Japan or China? Around 8% of models in Europe are Asian, which is pretty close to what it should be.

The African diaspora is about 3% of the UK population where Alexsandrah is based but almost 10% of the population is of Asian descent. The percent of models in Europe who are black should be 3% but 10% in the US.

The US black diaspora is well over 10% but less than 1% in Japan.

What is important in the US where most diversity programming is being done is not relevant to the rest of the world.

The UK needs slightly more models of Asian descent, the US population is almost 20% hispanic so the US needs AI to reflect that, Japan does not.

Japan needs to be cautious that American AI does not overwhelm the culture of Japan where possibly 100% of farmers are not black.

AI needs to think locally.

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I entered "farmer in a rice field in Japan" in an AI to generate an image and The person was a black woman so the diversity programming has a long way to go.

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