AI-generated spam may soon be flooding your inbox

By John Licato

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Who cares, do you still really care and read it all? Put first everything into spam folder and it will be fine. You still can read a few you like, if you have some time and really are interested, or move them to a quarantine subfolder for later checking and reading, and then with one final click onto the bin symbol it’s all cleaned up.

If really something matters or needs your attention, they will surely write you an old fashioned paper letter into your real mailbox or maybe your boss will probably not write but only phone you in person. lol

Everything else, especially everything in electronic mailboxes, is nearly 100% unimportant, spam or fraud.

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I'll use AI to prevent AI spam.

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One email blast can make US$1,000 in only a few hours, costing spammers only a few dollars

Sold. How do I start a spamming company? Beats the salary or wage job.

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Sold. How do I start a spamming company? 

It's very easy. Just send all your bank details to me, and then I'll explain it to you. :-)

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