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AI statue designed by Michelangelo on show in Sweden


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Not "created by", why would this language be used. Dead people do not, will not, create anything. To use today's parlance, this is debunked, with out evidence given, misinformation.

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Well, creating "in the style of" has been a long staple in all kinds of art. If the AI can find some essence of these artists and combine them then I think we can use some "artistic license" regarding the word "create". The photographs are dreadful but I almost get the impression of some kind of socialist realism. Maybe that contributes to "Something about it makes me feel like this is not made by human being."

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I stopped reading at 'androgynous'.

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This statue definetely belongs to a Museum of Science and Technology, but not an Art museum.

The fact that the spokeperson says "I don't think you can define what art is." shows how much they could never work in an Art Museum, because it would be their job to propose a definition and work around it. Don't let allow engineers or programers to act as they know anything except engineering and programming (not saying it's easy stuff!)

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Well, I think that "I don't think you can define what art is" has been used as an excuse by a great number of (modern) artists to justify their own output. Nothing new there. It doesn't even have to appeal to sensibilities of a general audience because there are capricious spokespeople in galleries and auction houses who determine the taste and the money to be made. All the artist has to do is say he or she is subverting some kind of norm or being ironic or satirical (see Murakami today) and people will try to find something in it, like faces in clouds.

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Appalling, but as a harbinger of the AI ruthlessness to come, it is fitting.

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Why is the statue clothed? Didn't ol Mikey like to do nudes?

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Why is the statue clothed? Didn't ol Mikey like to do nudes?

Classically nude, yeah. The Renaissance was all about throwing off the church's prudery.

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Still waiting on Michelangelo's David to be made legal in Japan:


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"This is a true statue created by five different masters that would never have been able to collaborate in real life," said Pauliina Lunde...

Perhaps indirectly influenced by those masters, but "created by"? Not in a million years.

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"Something about it makes me feel like this is not made by human being," Julia Olderius, in charge of concept development at the museum, told AFP.

Because… it hasn’t been made by a human?

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