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AI systems are already deceiving us -- and that's a problem, experts warn

By Issam AHMED

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In one example, playing as France, Cicero deceived England (a human player) by conspiring with Germany (another human player) to invade. Cicero promised England protection, then secretly told Germany they were ready to attack, exploiting England's trust.

Iain Banks, in his series that inspired Elon Musk and many other tech titans, has his sometimes devious but largely benevolent AI superintelligent 'Minds'.

Banks himself was inspired by playing Sid Meir's Civilization game.

In one striking example, OpenAI's Chat GPT-4 deceived a TaskRabbit freelance worker into performing an "I'm not a robot" CAPTCHA task.

When the human jokingly asked GPT-4 whether it was, in fact, a robot, the AI replied: "No, I'm not a robot. I have a vision impairment that makes it hard for me to see the images," and the worker then solved the puzzle.

Fairly well known case and it happened a while ago. Things have advanced since even that time.

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Of course it is, isn't 'artificial' enough to convince anyone it's not 'real'?

The question is whether it's consistently better and the cost justify the benefit.

I would argue NOT. The climate warming effect of training server farms alone should cause alarm to the world.

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Who is responsible for the AI programs that seek to deceive?

You guessed it…

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Quote: AI systems are already deceiving us

So what? Politicians have been deceiving us for centuries. We should be savvy enough to cope with it by now.

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