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Amazon's mission: Getting a 'key' to your apartment building


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Amazon has lockers. Use those if your apartment, condo or house aren't good for deliveries.

If I'm having something expensive delivered, it would be shipped to work or I'd arrange to be at home to accept delivery.

The real issue is that amazon routinely doesn't deliver package on the day they say they will. They do a terrible job of managing expectations. Too early is just as bad as too late, Amazon. The last year, Amazon has a habit of delivering the day before they were suppose do. This is just as bad as delivering the day after.

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If someone offers you something for free, you should be suspicious of it and of them.

If someone offers you cash to accept something, walk away.

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I use Amazon a lot for parts delivery at home but i would not feel comfortable to give the key of my house nor a system to open a door.

Often i ask unattended in a box. It is open and once closed it is locked. I'm fine with that and works well enough.

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This is where I will give Japanese companies like Yamato and Sagawa credit. They usually do a bang up job. I wonder why Amazon in the US can't make deliveries like the Japanese companies do in Japan, like only delivering the package when someone is present, or liaising with nearby stores or drop off points to have it delivered there. In that regard, conbinis and PUDO stations are a great option in Japan.

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Well duh, Japan postal and delivery services are from a different planet, compared with the rest of the "civilized"world. Extremely punctual, with close to no exceptions...

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Why not put a sign outside your door saying "door's open, dozo." Or just leave the keys hanging on the door. The amazon delivery driver won't be that much more honest than your porch thieves. They're just as muricans.

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Good idea. I trust delivery in Japan 100%. In any other country - for sure not.

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Amazon is tired of ringing doorbells.

No problem, they won’t hear it, after the automated turret gun has started to handle such intrusion attempts. lol

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DO you really want to trust the Amazon delivery driver to not steal anything or to not take photos for later use? He/she may even eat your food, drink any beverages you have and nap on your couch. No thank you Amazon.

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