Amazon, Google agree to allow each other's streaming apps

By Dia Dipasupil

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Amazon has a history of being a dick when it comes to their Fire devices interacting with standard Android platform utilities, like the Play Store, Settings, and the various Play apps.

Pretty arrogant, considering their Fire devices all run on Google's Android platform, at no cost to Amazon due to Android's open source status. They should be grateful, and not so smug.

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Finally Google and Amazon are behaving a little better than children...

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Good news! So when does Amazon buy Google, or the other way around?

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@garypen Not really arrogant. Fire OS, while based on Android, is not Android. The whole purpose of open source is that you can the the source code, and do what you like with it, modifying it, at no cost. Google, for example, work with the open source Linux kernel, first developed by Linus Torvalds, in making Android.

Amazon make devices to fit in with their ecosystem. Kindles work with books purchased through Amazon (as well as a number of drm-free formats). Fire Tablets and Fire TVs work with Amazon Prime Videos, as well as a number of apps that can be got through the Amazon App store. If you want the pure Android experience, go Android; if you are into the Amazon ecosystem, use Fire tablets, etc.; it is not complicated.

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Amazon has a history of being a dick...

The Kindle Fire HD is an amazing device at the price of around 9,000 yen(!). I use mine every day for streaming live TV news, watching TV programs, reading news, tracking financial data and listening to radio through its dual stereo speakers.

I'd prefer it used a pure Android OS, but I'm willing to overlook that for what I'm getting.

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The deal appears to end a spat between the two tech giants that made it difficult or impossible for users of one of the video services to use the platform to access the other's.

Yeh, because it's so hard to open Firefox and go to YouTube on fire TV...

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