Amazon launches video services, new devices in Japan


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As a Prime member I just tried to use this on my tablet but I gave up. Apparently you have to download an installer for the Amazon App Marketplace and jump through a bunch of other hoops. It seems easier to just build a time machine and go back to 2005 when shows like 24 and Prison Break were actually popular.

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“Prime members in Japan now have unlimited 24/7 streaming of thousands of US and Japanese movies, TV shows, anime, music concerts and more, at no additional cost to their Prime membership,” At no additional cost ... Big fat lie, I have been a prime member in the U.S yet I have been unable to watch for most shows as I have to pay per show. Amazon fleeced me 97 dollars for prime membership and I got nothing in return. I will stay loyal to Netflix and Hulu plus

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Tried it and yes, seems to work. But not sure where the 1000s are. Selected Prime video, than foreign movies, it shows a mixed list of older and not so old movies, but only 308. Add to this Japanese movies and animations...and of course its all for Japanese, menu as well as my beloved Hong Kong made Ip Man movies: Chinese with Japanese subtitles!

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So all videos on amaxzon prime would be free for existing members? It is great to see new , and convenient options for watching shows and movies on TV.

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Does anyone have a link that lists out some of what's available?

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