Amazon reconsidering move to New York: report

By Drew Angerer

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New York, where they only like banker money?

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Screw Amazon and screw corporate Dems like Cuomo.

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I am from New York. I know exactly where the area Amazon wants to move into. They want to build their Headquarters in the Long Island City area of Queens. An area that has seen a huge surge in gentrification and expanding to other connecting neighborhoods in Queens. That area has been pushing out Minorities and some long standing residents for over a decade. The rising costs in that area is high and desirable because of its close proximity to Midtown Manhattan. Literally takes 2 minutes to get to Midtown by car, bus, or train. That area also suffers from a lot of congrestion and traffic because it is the only direct route from Manhattan to Queens where you do not have to pay a toll. During rush hour, that traffic car make a 2 minute drive become 2 hours.

With Amazon headquarters there it would hasten the gentrification, cause a bigger increase in housing cost in an Area where most current residents have trouble keeping up, and it would make the commute for many people even worst.

The other huge problem that has New Yorkers against the Amazon move is because the Government is subsidizing the move. Hundreds of millions in costs will become a tax payers burden and not the actual company. Our transportation system is supposedly on the brink of bankruptcy and out public school system is suffering in many areas because there is not enough funding. Homelessness is becoming a huge problem in New York especially amongst those that have school aged children. Sure, Amazon may bring jobs, but what affect will that have when that area and the surrounding areas become incapable of being lived in by the people that work there? Especially by a company that is under constant scrutiny for not properly paying their employees.

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Just as we said no to the 2020 Olympics that Tokyo fawned over, we are also saying no to this "deal."

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NYC hasn’t seen many HQ in almost have a century. The big guys moved out. Is there a return back? Low income people have been moving out of the downtown or almost downtown areas for years. Regardless of where Amz chooses to establish HQ2, the area will have problems. Stay in NYC.

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Especially by a company that is under constant scrutiny for not properly paying their employees.

HQ employes aren't warehouse workers.

If you won't want to move and you own the location, then don't sell.

Will 25K more people using mass transit and bicycles matter in NYC? Really? Wouldn't their taxes and fairs allow any necessary expansion? If not, then the transit system has bigger issues.

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