Amazon targets iPad: Ready, aim, Fire


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this is the perfect tool for commuting, 7 inch is the optimum size for carrying/holding whilst on a train. 10 inch is just too big and unwieldy. Good price, full amazon facilities, full use of all android apps and markets and a great price. This will be a huge seller for the christmas season. Android and Amazon - formidable and flexible combo.

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As @pawatan, and even Bezos himself, say; It is all about the services and not the devices.

Amazon has an awesome service offering, and to take on Apples currently entrenched tablet market position, they are purposely making their devices very cheap.

This significantly lowers the barrier to entry to their awesome service offering. [People will buy the Fire for Amazons services... not because of the devices capabilities. And the $80 kindle will just swallow up the e-ink reader market.]

If the iPhone taught us anything it was that features are not the reason behind mobile technology commercial success.

When the iPhone 1 was released my Nokia phone could do video calls, install lots of bespoke apps, send emails from multiple accounts, use google maps, it could also be used in Japan, the US and the EU, and even send an SMS.

The iPhone could not; but it was still an overwhelming success because it connected to the very popular iTunes store.

It is services that make or break successful mobile device adoption and not the devices themselves.

Amazon will have a huge commercial success with the Fire.

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Yet another way to neglect contact with friends and family.

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@namabiru4me I'm thinking about the 3G version for the Kindle features and as a way to check e-mail when I travel with no service plan. People tell me previous browsers are minimal, but this one seems better, and I wouldn't need anything great to do that in any case.

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Everyone's i.q. is going to skyrocket with all these information devices.

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All competition is GOOD! Let the fight begin and may the best company win! Even though I really want an I Pad, but for now, I think they are way too overpriced.

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@Farmboy I got my Kindle shipped to Japan by Amazon USA. They will ship here. The problem that people may run into is no carrier. But for me, WiFi is fine!

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Why Amazon's tablet will challenge Apple in a way that Google cannot The key difference between Amazon and Google is that one of them holds millions of credit cards and is a famous name in retail


Amazon “Fire” Android Tablet Undermines Google

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I wonder when the Kindle Fire will be available in Japan. It isn't so far.

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The tablets and smartphone market have been improving at amazing rate. Gadgets that were released two years ago will soon be obsolete. IMO, the 2 year data-plan does not fit in to the fit in the recent trend. I want carriers to change it to at longest 1 year.

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Normal price for iPad2 wi-fi+3G model, 64GB = ¥72,720. DATA Plan ¥4,410/month, plus internet service fee ¥315/month. Total =¥5,515/ month for 24 months. Total = ¥132,360 minus cost of DATA plan =¥113,400 so the cost of the iPad is ¥18.960, saving ¥53,760.

Normal price for iPad2 wi-fi+3G model, 16GB = ¥56,640. DATA Plan ¥4,410/month, plus internet service fee ¥315/month. Total = ¥4,725/month for 24 months. Total= ¥113,400 minus cost of DATA plan =¥113,400 so the cost of the iPad is ¥0

Witha 2 year DATA Plan you can have a free iPad?

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@Bluebris Fair enough, but the IOS is innovative, itunes hehe yes I can agree with you, it can be annoying a little, however the apps are great for the ipad and iphone.

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Sorry the Ipad is NOT for free with the 2yr data-plan. You pay for the data-plan and part of the full payment is repayment of the 2yr loan to buy the Ipad.

Check how Softbank, Docomo, etc calculate their monthly fees and what is included.

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@anglootaku Just a quick search came up with this article

Above all though, anything that saves people from having to use ITunes, possibly the worst application I've ever used in my life, can only be a good thing.

I'm not saying I will buy a Fire (I already have a kindle) but plenty of people will for the reasons stated by several people above.

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You can get a free iPad from Softbank witha 2 year DATA contract.

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In Japan, a few people will get it,who want to resist the Apple bandwagon,but it's not an Ipad killer.Way too late.

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@Bluebris Please explain as to why its not?

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@anglootaku Surely you're not suggesting that ios is in any way innovative? That's just laughable! Still, I'm sure the Apple execs will know they can string people along with their overpriced tat as long as people automatically equate high prices with high quality.

@pawatan Couldn't agree more! And the Fire is coming with unlimited instant streaming of over 10,000 free movies and tv shows for Prime members, as well as access to 100,000 movies and tv shows and 17 million plus songs.

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Price can not be substituted for quality..

That's why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the best tablet on the market - best screen, best power, most flexibility. The LTE version out next month just seals the deal.

The Fire is going for a totally different market - people who want Amazon services and want an inexpensive tablet with which to use those services. Amazon as a content provider far outstrips what Apple has to offer, which is why they are the number 1 online marketplace by a huge margin.

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This would only be an advantage for people who want something bigger than a smart-phone but smaller than the iPad. Amazon needs to offer more if they want to actually compete with iPad; maybe discount Amazon products if you order from an Amazon pad? or give out a weekly free e-Book?

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Dont be fooled by cheap garbage.. buy quality ^_^

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Ipad 3 and iphone 5 most likely due in October-November release in US and Japan

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I am not brain washed. I need Macs for the art and music functions, of which WIndows is crapola.

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People, wait for Ipad 3 ^_^ it is just around the corner, Iphone 5 also.

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Price can not be substituted for quality.. not much innovation amazon by using android, if they had developed their own os for their tablet it may have been more innovative and better.. just because something is cheap does not mean its better in any shape or form.. Life in general, you pay for what you get, you pay for garbage you get it..

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If you want more functionality buy a laptop! These things are just toys.

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I like my iPad 2 as it offers so much more than this toy by Amazon.

It damn well should at minimum 2.5x the price, don't you think!

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I love how all the Apple Sheep come out of the woodwork to defend Apple and put down everything else. Just because they can be easily brainwashed doesn't mean they can brainwash everyone else...

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I like my iPad 2 as it offers so much more than this toy by Amazon.

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and as far as I know this knidle is similar.

Bottom line, both are trying to get you to purchase sftware or musisc through them and that is exclusive. Where are the usb ports? No thx.

You obviously haven't read the specs of the Kindle Fire then. from Amazon:

USB Port USB 2.0 (micro-B connector)

Like any other Android device, you can put what you want on it. Why would you think this is different?

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I am thinking one of the $99 dollar versions for my children. Have a public library card that will allow me to "borrow" books and download them to the Kindle. Hopefully it will inspire them to read more!

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I would be so down for this, as it would give me a great way to combine my books and internet on a smaller device than everyone else is offering, and at an awesome price to boot. Will have to wait for a full review of the product to know for sure, but this looks really promising.

Good job Amazon :)

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I wouldnt buy either product. When it comes to file transferring, editing and simple things you should be able to do, Apple is too restrictive (not allowing you to add or remove things without its stupid itunes), and as far as I know this knidle is similar.

Bottom line, both are trying to get you to purchase sftware or musisc through them and that is exclusive. Where are the usb ports? No thx.

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There are still only 25 million iPad users in the world. A good number for Apple, but overall still a small one.

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Actually, most people want the iPad, not tablet. If they had a choice between iPad and other other tablets at the smilar prices, they might choose the iPad. But considering that the touch pad sold well at very low price, price may be matter of importance. The products will be offered at low price since they lack some features iPad and other tables have such as GPS and camera. Even though Kindle fire will sell well, Android is still in the difficulty to beat Apple's ecosystem. Cutting prices will be an only way for Android tablets to ring the bell.

Anyway, it's a shame that Kindle fire is not available in Japan.

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All I know is that I am not wow-ed by the i-pad, but I want one of these, badly.

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sigh....another attempt to upsurp Apple. This will only end in tears for Amazon.

Yes, with talk of "only" 5 million pre-ordered in the first 6 hours of being offered, I am sure this will fail miserably!

After all, who could possibly want a device that's less than half the price of its main rival, and offers stuff that people actually want like flash? No market at all for that, I am sure.

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sigh....another attempt to upsurp Apple. This will only end in tears for Amazon.

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