Amazon testing cashier-free retail store in U.S.


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There was Wal Mart in the US without cashiers a few years ago but I am not sure if that system still exists.After shopping they randomly checked a few customers.I was one of them and It was embarrassing.

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There are self-checkout lanes in the local Walmart and Safeway. There's one helper who watches over around 6 to 8 checkout stations shared by a single line. Usually there's someone at the door in the Walmart checking off receipts for every customer, not just the self-checkout customers. A few weeks ago during busy hours I saw a guy walk straight down the middle without paying, with a pack of towels or baby wipes.

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The Amazon Go store is nothing like what turbostat mentions Walmart and Safeway having. There is no self-checkout lane, you literally just put whatever you want into your bag or pocket (you could probably even stand there and eat it) and then just walk out. The adding or subtracting from your "cart" is done at the point you take something off the shelf (or put it back after having a look).

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No $15 cashiers.

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But what would happen to the greeters by the door

And what happens when ya step in without an Amazon account

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"And what happens when ya step in without an Amazon account"

To enter you touch your phone at a turnstile. Not sure what kind of security they have to prevent people without an account from leaping over the turnstile and looting the store.

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You can loot any store, so that doesn't change. You can loot a vending machine or even an ATM. I'm sure they'll have a door, they obviously have a lot of security cameras and they do still need people (for now) to restock the shelves, answer questions, clean up, maintain the store, etc. The problem I can see is many geeks trying to beat (test) the system trying all sorts of switching, double taking, stacking, covering, blocking and even adding empty boxes or photocopies to the shelves to see what happens. Other problems is when you have multiple accounts, families and groups or people entering and handing products from one person to another, moving products to a different location, accidently knocking/dropping stuff from shelves and you're phone dying inside the shop.

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