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Amazon to shutter virtual health care service Amazon Care


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Amazon doesn't give a flying you know what about health care. They are looking for any way to glean personal information on people that they can sell or utilize for their own profit. They are one of the most sinister and despicable organizations imaginable. People fret about the NSA then willingly, almost joyfully, hand far more personal information over to the likes of Amazon with much less supervision than NSA is subject to.

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Desert Tortoise is exactly correct. People are commodities and their information is sold for gain and profit.

However, let's get one thing straight. Half the population is too ignorant about its privacy and the other half does not care. Millions of people gladly use Google instead of startpage or Duckduckgo, do not secure their devices to clear out elements and cookies and giddily have Instagram and Facebook accounts...

One cannot blame corporate giants for wanting profits. One can blame the people who happily feed their own and family and friends' information to them!

As for governments... well, they abdicated their governance role years ago.

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Amazon is shutting down the hybrid virtual, in-home care service it’s spent years developing

Wonder what's going to happen to the recently acquired One Medical now? Anyhow, I'm surprised Amazon even wants to be in healthcare, virtual care at that, given Teledoc does a much better job, with better tech, and market position that Amazon could never catch up to.

Bye bye Amazon Care, we were all hoping Amazon 'could' have enter the market with cut price offers to give the encumbents some true competition, but is not to be. Sad because healthcare is truly expensive in the good ole US of A.

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Yes, of course, there isn’t such a thing like virtual health care. Health care is something material, physical, realistic , with real doctors, nurses and patients involved and neither we all are virtual nor any necessary applied treatment, medication or surgeries.

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Health Care is expensive due to Law suits in the USA..

Globally, there is appears to be currently no one collective governance over how Private Companies collect and monetize your Personal / private Medical data - no SEC/FSA equivalent, limited "Compliance" throughout Industry as a whole. Sure, there's the European GDPR and Japanese PIPA and other regional ones - though each allows Companies to shift data elsewhere or exploit loop-holes. There is no such thing as Water-tight, especially, when you have the arch user - the Government wanting that information.

Here in Japan, Annual Health-Checkups are deemed "mandatory" by Companies, blood tests recorded, and shared with whom... the results presented to you by HR, but they can't explain what they mean or give advice, they're just paper shufflers - so one has to wonder... where is all this data going.... DNA evidence for crime resolution (one possible use), sharing with Big Pharma to target you with drug recommendations, risk advice to your Company - suggesting they should fire you before you have a heart attack (or that you have a disease) ?

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