Americans have little trust in online security: AP-NORC poll


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Major hacking including shutting down the east coast pipeline.

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Half of the US also trusted the lies of Q Anon and former president Trump even more believed the lies of social media influencers.

Ironically, people around the world give away their privacy and personal details on social media everyday.

Hackers really do not need to do much work.

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If you punish someone for being hacked, you are blaming the victim.

It should be a legal requirement for personal data to be held in an encrypted form. Because if your data is encrypted, it doesn't matter if it is stolen. The hackers cannot decrypt it.

Personal data trading is more of a problem and could be restricted to data sets that have an adequate degree of anonymisation.

Avoid giving politicians a reason to restrict internet access even more than they already have.

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Looking like Americans join the world!

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I trust American IT much more than here in Japan. Japanese IT does not even know how to handle easy payments like at 7-11

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There are many ways to pay your bills. Some we just have on bank standing orders. Mostly we just pay cash at our local drug store but we could use our credit cards, debit cards like AU Pay or Apple Pay. Can do the same in any convenience store. Could not be any easier.

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Could not be any easier.

Very true, Zichi. I agree completely.

However, there are some people who get easily confused.

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Any time you give personal info to any company online you have already lost. The only ones who genuinely try to protect info is financial institutions and it is more for their own benefit than yours.

Social media consider it gone the second you give it to them. Pictures and all.

Safest way to keep your info private is to not give it out in the first place.

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