Why it's hard to give computers something you take for granted: common sense

By Mayank Kejriwal

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Common sense = the least common commodity on the planet.

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If there is one thing to be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic it is that common sense is anything BUT common.

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"Common sense" assumes that there is a "common".

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I just order a meat pizza and if Susie doesn’t like the meat on the pizza, I eat her’s too. That’s common sense, not ordering a meatless pizza, that two won’t like and the third person’s likes or dislikes are only still an unconfirmed rumor. lol

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Common sense is a rapidly disappearing commodity

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Does grape juice react really badly with cranberry? What is the point of that example input text? It sounds like a trick question, and is just as likely to confuse a person with common sense. I'd file under as "Garbage In" out of the famous GIGO moniker.

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Agree. The question is totally uncommon so common sense does not apply.

If a human is asked that question, it means there might be a danger.

You don't ask a question to a question about mixing fruits together. So why askna machine ?

Common questions are not asked by definition because answer is obvious.

The common answer to the pizza order situation presented is : I order the pizza because that is the one I wanted and that because 2 out of 3 can eat it. It was not about an allergy. If nothing is left to it, she will order on her side because the minority does lead by essence. That is common sense.

So out of common sense this article.

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but also a naive sense of physics, such as knowing that a heavy rock cannot be safely placed on a flimsy plastic table

Do we not learn that kind of common sense as young children through repeated failures and guidance from parents? Could the same not be applied to AI devices? Let them go through a baby phase.

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PLEASE! Of all Human maladies, do not give AIs 'common sense'. Well, unless we are designing "Skynet" in which case Human 'common sense' will be its core...

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