ANA confirmed as launch customer for Boeing's Insight Accelerator

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been confirmed as the launch customer for Boeing's Insight Accelerator (IA), a new cloud-based digital solution employing artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency and avoid high impact service disruptions.

While the latest generation of commercial airplanes like the 787 generate a large amount of flight data, many operators lack the infrastructure to manage and leverage the information. By using augmented analytics to discover and deploy predictive algorithms for anomaly detection, our Insight Accelerator solution enables airlines to take proactive maintenance and repair action and prevent unscheduled delays.

“There are many products on the market for flight data analytics but Insight Accelerator is the most effective tool for our aircraft operation,” said Manubu Tono, All Nippon Airways manager of planning & administration, engineering. “It’s very innovative, and meets our primary goal of leveraging features in flight data that indicate a system failure before it happens.”

Boeing developed the IA platform based on decades of experience supporting the global fleet and developing rigorous methods while assisting ‘Airplane-on-Ground’ situations.

“IA’s built-in artificial intelligence, guided exploration and powerful visualizations allow airlines to investigate flight and maintenance data, identify trends and discover insights - all without specialized coding or programming skills,” said Duane Wehking, vice president of Digital Aviation Solutions at Boeing Global Services. “This is an easy-to-use solution that will provide value to airlines from day one.”

Based in Tokyo, ANA was the global launch operator of the 787 Dreamliner and is a launch customer for the 777X family. The carrier became the first airline in Japan to order the 737 MAX with firm orders for 20 737-8s, and currently operates more than 170 Boeing jets. The airline operates the world's largest 787 fleet with 77 Dreamliners including all three sub-models.

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1 Comment
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Sorry. but Boeing, in my "personal" view, has lost a lot of it's Creditability towards the "trust-worthy" factor.

The more, investigation into the 737 max debacle, uncovers, the more I really dislike and distrust this Company - it needs a purge, a total cleansing of its ways, before I have any interest in investing in it's future "Commercial" aspects.

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