Android doubles smartphone market share worldwide: Gartner


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Go Android !!!

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It's becoming like the IBM-compatible PCs story all over again.............. One OS run by a variety of compatible machines dominating the market...........

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Android really sucks as compared to iOS. Apple is the best at what they do and Google stoled it from them. Android has more applications but who needs more than the hundreds of thousands available on Apple. The quality is strictly controlled on Apple so that one will get the best graphics and programs that will not eat your battery up plus protection from viruses. Apple controls the software to hardware and even the retail aspect so they are able to make the best products instead of buying a product made by numerous companies which is never going to be as good as one complete solution from one company.

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The apple fanboys are back.. how nice!... and Apple stole ideas from Xerox.. whatever!

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Yeah.. and the "American company" of Apple has their phones built in China with parts from Samsung.... well. so much for one company controlling all aspects of one product!

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Apple stole nothing from Xerox. Look it up. Also Apple makes more profit on the iPhone than all Android phones put together.

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I like to be my own gatekeeper. I'd rather make my own choices than a company make the choices for me. Yep, my iPhone and Android phones are "jail-broken." There are a lot of good apps out there that aren't "company-approved."

Apple makes a lot of money off iPhone because Apple forces everybody to follow Apple's price structure and marketplace. A lot of companies don't like it, but they have to go along if they want to sell to iPhones and iPads. They would rather decide their own prices or their own marketplace apps, instead of being forced thru Apple's marketplace, where Apple gets a bigger cut. So if you think an app or game is more expensive than it should be on Apple's marketplace, it's likely that Apple does not allow a slightly lower price for it in its price structure.

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Do you assembly your car too?

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Android is becoming popular not because it is good, but for one particular reason: it's very difficult to buy - even if you have money for that - an iPhone outside a dozen countries that have an Apple Store. I know people here in Brazil who are planning to buy an iPhone in July next year - a 9 months wait. But I do hope that Androids get better, last news I read, hackers are to transplant Siri to Android phones. It is going to be a humiliation to Android-lovers and Apple-haters, but quality is to be copied alright.

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Apple shouldn't make excuses. That's how they ended up with 10% of the computer market.

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