Android grabs more tablet market share: survey


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Who holds the other 3%?

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MicroSoft has 1.5%, and the remaining is classified under "others".

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guess increasing android tablet share has came from non qualified devices like kindol file. those things will be google's threat.

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Asus Transformer Prime is what I want - now that is a sweet device.

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yes, Carcharodon that Ausu T. PRIME is really good, but read about it on the Android forums, or many people are pissed that it has antenna problems, Ausu has tried to fix this with an update, but users are not happy. from some of my reading, it is the full metal body case, no plastic frame that cuts off the WiFi 802.11n signal.

i have the Motorola XOOM for the past year, its great, my main PC now. you know, if anyone just wants a good tablet, get the SONY S, its about 40,000yen at Joshin and really has the same good things that the AU Motorola XOOM has.

did you all read that, people that are thinking of atablet?a tablet is great, you do more reading and listening to books and music.

the SONY S has a less powerful CPU than the Asus T. Prime, but its as good as the XOOM, they both have the same good points, like microSD slot, HDMI to TV or projector/monitor, big screen, microUSB, Honeycomb 3.2 and will be updated very soon, so SONY said last week.

but, if you want a more powerful CPU, able to play 720p and 1080p video files, maybe the Asus T. Prime is the one, that is what i want, might, that is, have to see about the WiFi problem.

you know, i dont see any reason to play any video file that area over 450p, that size looks soooooo good on the XOOM.

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I'll be one of those throwing my piece of **** iPad in the trash for either the Asus Transformer Prime of Galaxy Tab 10.1. Safari crashes on a regular basis and Apple still hasn't learnt that flash is needed on their devices. Seriously, anyone following Apple products, leave the walled garden, you iSheep.

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note, i think, the great Samsung 10 tablet does not have an SD card. for me, that is a deal breaker. i used to move files from my XOOM to my PC with a microUSB-B cable, but when transferring 100s of text or PDF files, some did not get to the PC, i dont trust transfer by cable. also, transfer by wireless LAN was too slow. i just take out the SD card and put it into the PC.

we are talking Android 3 and 4, if you install the free Dolphin HD browser, flash graphics and embedded videos work well. if people use the "stock browser" that comes with Android 3, it too does flash.

if you install MX video player, any video or audio file can be seen or heard, no need to get into the time wasting process of re-encoding into a native video format.

also, PowerAmp plays any video or audio file as sound only, but its the only Android app that has an equalizer, a tablet playing audio can sound really great. you really shouls also get a good blutooth headphones, Creative has a good one for 8,000yen, cut the wires out and listening with the tablet in your bag is nice and the super clear signal works in all rooms in an apt.

speaking of flash, there is Tube Mate, it will download the. mp4 or. flv flash videos on YouTube.

my XOOM can really do a lot, i dont turn on my Win7 desktop that much anymore, well, i move stuff from the microSD card into the Win7 PC, then use the PC to burn data DVDs.

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