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Android, Samsung extend smartphone lead: survey


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GOOG is laughing all the way to the bank. Or they would if they received any revenue for Android.

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Cant wait for the S4 coming on the 23rd!

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what a stupid survey. My 4 year old son can come to the same conclusions as these "experts" - If only one company uses iOs and the other 95% use Android, which do you think will have a bigger number? No one cares about the OS market, people care about market share of the companies themselves and what it means to the bottom line and for shareholders.

Android dominance is great for Google because they can use the platforms for ad revenue... but is Samsung happy sharing the Android space with HTC, Motorola, and the others? I think not..

of the 156 million phones sold in the first 3 months, how does this break down? Because as an investor, this is key info!

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why do not exploit this big market, on Android, YOU JAPAN born?

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