How YouTube is changing what it shows kids


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trojan horse. It's just an excuse for google, facebook etc to actually collect even more personally identifiable info of consumers.

Duck, duck, go searches for me, try it, you'll see your accommodation, flights etc will be substantially cheaper. IMHO, the entire system is now geared to extract as much money out of consumers as possible and presenting a facade of you are getting the best deal already.

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Youtube is a place for practically anyone to post up any crap at all. Thankfully they're starting to screen out the stupid xenophobic crap and suicides online. Things are tough enough for kids today with so much abuse, glorification of violence, hatred and a 'President' less mature than they are.

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Sorry for the language. In practise, Kids will use their Parent devices (usually the older models) to watch/listen to YouTube Videos - since in Apple's case Screentime doesn't apply upon those.

Furthermore, I agree with "Sh1mon M4sada" - which could be taken to court under the premise that ...if a Kid cant get married because they're too young, how can they possibly understand the consequences of giving away their Personal Identity for Life to a 3rd party ?

Internet Companies need to stop Asking for Credit Card details in order to approve certain features - they cant even keep those Credit Card Details Safe for starters! And particularly ... Apple who won't allow you to sue them for any breach of Security resulting in financial loss over 50 US$.... it's in the Contract you signed with them... so good luck with Apple Pay hacks. (PS. See the Apple Safari Hacks that havent been addressed for many years..... as raised by the Google Researchers, etc.)

My advice, Physically monitor your devices, and remove from your iPhones things that are suspect.

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It's too late. The damage has already done.

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