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AP, News Corp bosses say pay up for online news content


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so AP and News Corp should also pay bloggers for breaking news they publish (and AP/NewsCorp steals). -Sounds fair to me.

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So hopw much will we,the JT membership, would have to chip in (pay a Fee by the letter or by the line ?? ) order to get great newsbreaks here ?

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Does anyone know how to buy news articles to use on websites? Or the cost? Thanks!

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Here's me thinking they made money from advertising. If they're happy to drive all their customers away to free sites, and forego the profits of advertising, good luck to them.

You can't have your cake and eat it, Rupert.

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The AP can say whatever they want to. I say feel free to charge us. Your Internet sites will go out of business just like your papers did.

Like we can't get our news elsewhere?

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OK I should pay for their news ,and they pay me my bills of electricity , computers, internet connection. Fair is fair.

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And how much money did News Corp make off of the death of Michael Jackson without contributing a cent to his estate?

I think News Corp had batter start paying the newsmakers. The entire industry is parasitic. They prey on the misfortune of others. What a sick business; to line their pockets reporting on car crashes and human suffering. One of today's headlines in the New York Post is "Queens teen mowed down" No crime was committed but News Corp showed me an ad and pocked some cash thanks to the death of a 15 year old girl.

Blood-thirsty leaches!

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The eventual result will be that enterprising "journalists" will start making up news -- news that is completely fiction but just as entertaining as real news.

Even now, the proportion of fiction in news is quite high, so this will not be a revolutionary change.

The Associated Press and News Corp will then be forced to compete with fiction news. They do have a head start in this area, but it will be hard for them to charge customers for news that they cannot even pretend is objective or real.

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I have not seen any one news site that would be worth paying for. And I certainly do not click on ads. Personally, I prefer a real news paper in my hands like the Daily Yomiuri. Not only is it a good paper, but they know what they are doing with ink. It does not come off on your hands like so many other news papers around the world.

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AP and News Corp may close down,with this kind of talk. There so many other newsonline services,not talking this same talk.

ONline news is carried by internet, to all users via internet broadband providers, for which they pay. We are not having any paper content of this news. News companies,must become good,so that more people will buy their printed versions of the news. They have to compete,to make people buy their printed versions of news.

If AP and News Corp want payment,then start for paying subcribers only service. Some online news websites ,do this,definitely AP and News Corp can do this.

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Who would even pay to read the junk these people write, much less watch the free Fox news network? I didn't even read this free article...

The proven business model is financed by advertising, referrals and other sources, not from subscriptions to something you can get for free from 200 other places.

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The WSJ is the only pay site but that is loosely managed. Cost is $200 a year. So one murdoch site does have a subscription model.

But Fox news itself is worth less that zero as it is not news. Its just a PR wing of the republican party. Propaganda is always free. Bottom line, just turn off fox news.

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I wouldn't pay one red cent for any Murdoch disinformation.

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I for one will never pay for the articles on this site.

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As soon as i come up on a link for subscription-based access, even if it is free (but registry required), i go to the next news site. AP and all others who do this are relegating themselves to one of those sites i ignore, as the quality of the information is roughly the same.

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Both AP and News Corp are America-centric fascist propaganda organizations that view the world through the big end of a distorted telescope. (And Americans delude themselves into thinking they're getting objective journalism. Ha!) They eagerly ran Bush White House press releases and Cheney leaks about WMDs in Iraq as if they were facts they had researched. I wouldn't pay my last farthing for anything they've written.

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There's no problem if they try to establish payed news services. It's just a matter of supply and demand and if they find enough customers, then why not. But to win me as a customer, they'd have to do a couple of things which I don't see to happen soon:

anonymous payment: I don't want those guys to track which articles I read

quality jounalism: especially News Corporation would have to work a lot on this...

ad-free: ok, that depends on the price they charge

What Curley and Murdoch were talking about is a completely different matter, though: they want to charge Google and other news aggregators to pay for their "content". And that's just plain bullshit. It's Google who does advertisements for their articles. Shouldn't they rather pay Google for directing people to their websites? And the content they feel is "stolen" by Google is barely more than a headline. If that qualifies for payment, does it mean that AP and News Corporation also plan to pay royalties to e.g. the politicians which they quote in their articles...?

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