App shakes up earthquake science by turning users into sensors


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Excellent use of existing user base and technology. Nice work.

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there has been an app in Japan for YEARS.

its called Yarokere. Got it just after 3/11.

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I strongly believe this should be implemented on all android users, and eventually all mobiles as well since we live in such unpredictable shaky grounds.

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@Jason Gomez, you mean Yurekuru? which is an early warning app for Japan, but does not rely on (automated) user reports, unlike the app mentioned here.

Anyhow, the accelerometer in a phone is not made for continuous operation like this so I doubt is has a good effect on your battery life. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if certain phones (read, iPhone), would not allow you to access the accelerometer while it is locked or sleeping.

Short story, An interesting idea, though I doubt its usefulness.

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I believe that application needs to correlate/integrate all the users information within a location radius to detect if there is a pattern in progress because individually & without disclosing your location the sensor cannot make a difference between earthquake and somebody jumping on a bed or riding a bicycle.

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Exciting but I wonder how much drain it puts on the battery. I mean, we move around a lot all day...

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Where all has this app been tested outside the labs?

What are the pre requisites for this app to work at its optimum best?

Don't judge the movie by looking at its trailer.

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