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Apple vs Netflix: Why turf wars are flaring in big tech


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Apple vs Netflix:

Looks like Apple is out of ideas.  They should be spending money trying to bring Steve Jobs back to life.

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Ha! There is no such thing as Apple vs Netflix. They can't compete against what Netflix has. They should keep at doing what they do best; expensive toys only good for surfing the web.

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Apple hardware built to last; Apple software not supported as long

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Apple hardware lasts so much longer, so cheaper in the end. My mac's are 2010, and 2012, so 9 years and 7 years and still going with the original components except for the HDD's which I changed to SSD's. I also use a trackpad from 2007, 12 years and still using an iPad 3 from 2012, 6 years but probably will update that this year. Also a shiny new Xr iPhone from last year.

I have a Sony VAIO laptop that is over 7 years old and still in use. I maxed out the RAM and changed to an SSD. It cost a lot less than a Mac would have done.

There is nothing magical about Apple hardware. The thing which most differentiates Apple hardware from the competition is that people love the brand so much they are happy to be overcharged.

That and the really terrible keyboards.

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There is nothing magical about Apple hardware.

You're right. It's not magical. It's simply hardware that has been well tested with each of the other components, to ensure they work as efficiently with each other as they can.

It's not magical, it's just business model that results in computers that work well for a long time.

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