Apple's iPhone X has higher margin than iPhone 8

By tephen Nellis

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At the end of the day, apple profits are 25% of total sales. Not more than that. Samsung only gets 8%. And every year Apple gains more ground in America.

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And how much of their profit is paid in tax?

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I was surprised. I had the 6+ and then got the 7+

Asides from the camera, which was a big improvement, and the extra storage space, there wasn't that much different between the 6+ and 7+, and I'm hearing similar things about the 8, so its no wonder that the 8 series isn't doing as well the X. The X is a completely different animal altogeter with its all screen and abolishment of the center button. So I'm not surprised at all that its selling better.

The real test will be if consumers like the no button/all screen design or not. And it will be interesting to see future apple models..

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Well, iOS 11 has really messed things up for iPhone 6 & 7 users - who are reporting that its so slow now, functionality broken, uses more Carrier Data for system services, battery life has taken a plunge, etc. And with iPhone X, we're now seeing screen burn-in, a feature of the OLED display that Apple now is advising users of. They'll need to deploy a similar update to the one Samsung uses - of course, if it's not been Copyrighted by Samsung... One wonders why do people buy Apple still ?

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One wonders why do people buy Apple still ?

Because once you stop caring about the price, you realize Apple products are quality, and the ecosystem is excellent. If you own ipads/ iwatches/ imacs etc, they all work together so nicely. Stick an Android into that ecosystem and it's mostly useless.

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