Apple announces $200 mil forestry fund to reduce carbon


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Carbon Neutral? About time. When Pink Floyd released their 'Echoes' 2 CD set the booklet says that everything involved in the packaging was Carbon Neutral. That was in 2001.

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I wounder if the petro chemical and car companies will join in as well?

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Goldman Sachs

And we totally trust them...

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Dumbest thing I ever heard. iphones are made in the worst polluting country on the planet. Cutting timber in the US isn't going to do anything to stop pollution in China, where Xi answers to no one. They are simply taking advantage of the fact that lumber prices have more than doubled over the last 3 months.

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$200,000,000 is a drop in the ocean for Apple!


Image is everything eh pretending you care sells more phones made by coal powered enegry in dirty China!


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Potentially good news - but what does Apple know about Nature and Forestry? More than likely these projects will be tied to supply chain security.

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