Apple applies to register 'iWatch' trademark in Japan


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Unfortunately I won't be android compatible....too bad, because with Apple's knack of design it's going to be a fine looking watch....

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Still more excited about heads up transparent displays in glasses, but if it's stylish, it'll be a hit with me regardless.

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wow an computer like a watch that innovative!? opps somebodys already tried that. yes will probably be a fine looking watch with a Samsung CPU/DRAMM and the high Apple price tag like the Iphone

yep Ill definately buy a innovative product like that? LOL

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Might woo the G-Shock demographic, but what about the Swiss wrist-trophy wearer?

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And Samsung jumps in to copy ASAP as usual. Look forward to more patent wars and lawsuits. In any case, the idea of the Google glasses is ridiculous. If people think there's a problem with kids/adults riding bicycles and emailing on cell phones (usually they limit the complaints to smart phones), wait until these glasses come out! Anyway, Cook is right that it will not appeal to people who don't wear them (or the watches) otherwise, necessarily.

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Unfortunately I won't be android compatible....too bad, because with Apple's knack of design it's going to be a fine looking watch...

Apple's knack for design also produced the basketball iMac - a grotesquely ugly piece of equipment - the iBook

and the What-the-puck mouse they inflicted on users who bought the first iMacs.

In case we think those are just aberrations, they have taken their most powerful and desktop PC for professionals, the relatively sensible and practically laid-out PowerMac, and turned it into a shiny, wastebasket-looking novelty item, perhaps in a deliberate attempt to kill it off for good and exit the desktop market:

So their attempt at a watch could go either way.

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Did you see the Sony iWatch the other day? Looks just like an iPod shuffle with a strap. I'm sure Apple can come up with some a little more innovative.

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Apple "innovates" is another word for "taking someone elses idea and putting an apple logo on it"

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Hope it makes the X-mas season, it will be the perfect iPresent :)

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How about the iShoe?

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I agree with vendetta about the i Shoe phone, but it would have to be called the, "Get Smart Shoe". You just have to be careful what you step into.

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