Apple brings PC-like trackpad to iPad tablets


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New Pro iPads, new Mackook Air and new mac minis.

The iPads with the new iOS 13.4 can now be used with a mouse and trackpads. iOS 13.4 available from March 24.New keyboard and trackpad case but very expensive.

This year the World Wide Developers Conference will be an internet event.

All Apple stores closed but can be ordered online.

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Wow, in a few years' time, iOS will almost be up to the same standards as Windows PCs and Android devices, which have had mouse and keyboard support for ages.

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I use a 2018 iPad Pro daily and have a love hate relationship with iOS. It has minimal features compared to the Mac. While I love the Apple Pencil, printing from an iPad is a joke. Hardly any controls, even with Epson’s iPrint app installed. I miss the precise controls a Mac has. In apps, settings are gesture controlled as opposed to precise numbers. Apps like Procreate allow a bit of both however. I believe Apple is releasing the track pad because Photoshop has released a fuller featured app for the iPad(still skimpy IMO). If anyone from Apple or EPSON is listening PLEASE work on your printer driver UI. Oh and apple, the angle of the screen on the iPAD is too steep and not flexible, especially if you like typing on your lap.

Despite all that, I love my iPad PRO. FYI, I use the 12.9inch for drawing. The smaller size iPad Pro is better for sketching and portability, but the larger size is good for detailed drawings.

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