Apple challenges figures on Apple Music user retention


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I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by it. I signed up for the trial, and turned off auto-renewal, expecting that I wouldn't use it after the free trial is over, but I've been swayed over to it, and will continue after the trial is over.

I like it that I can choose basically any album, and add it to the music on my device, and it's available to listen to even when I'm offline. This will be good when I am on flights. I've been listening to a lot of albums that I haven't listened to in ages. I've also got a couple of new albums that would have cost more to buy individually than I would have paid in the three month trial period, and I still haven't paid a yen.

It's a pretty good service.

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Well, Apple Music would definite be preferred over Line streaming

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Strangerland, could you please tell me how to do that? I'm also using the service, I add the songs or albums to My Music, but I can't play it offline, only when I'm connected to the net

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I may be mistaken, but I tested it by disabling wifi and cellular service, played a few tracks. I wonder if it only caches music for a short period of time or something.

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Thanks Hildi!

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