Apple co-founder protests Facebook by shutting down account


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Glad that The Woz is taking that important stand. Also glad that Apple nixed the integration of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo on iOS 11.

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He says "Apple makes money off of good products, not off of you."

Excellent line and totally agreed. I would like to see though the ability to easily upgrade systems without having to resort to heavy glass removing suction cups to take off the front screen on Mac desk tops to get at the guts to replace the drives or add RAM etc.

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"Apple makes money off of good products, not off of you."

More like directly milking their fanbois with high prices for cheap chargers, cheap glued hardware, and now Dongle Madness (tm), but yeah, true, I guess

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"Apple makes money off of good products, not off of you."

Yo, Wozniak, that's as thick as it gets! Apple makes money by deceiving users into purchasing a low quality, low functionality product through peer pressure and trapping.

Peer Pressure comes from propagating an "uncool" image for everyone not using an Apple.

Trapping comes from making their products as incompatible with others' as they could. Once you invested in the iTunes, you're forever trapped, unless you want to pay a lot of money for something you already bought. Luckily, at least, the EU puts a stop to these tactics (and fined Apple for them).

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My 2011 MBP still going strong but from friends I could see that quality dropped like a stone after 2014. The hilariously awful and expensive charger cables wearing out if reinforcement is not immediately added in stark contrast to a $8 HP charger brick I have that is a decade old using standard plugs and standard cables. The obsession with different power plugs every time represents some kind of business psychosis

If I get another used MBP, I think I'll mill out the power plug myself and put in a standard plug from my HP workstation laptop. If not, then a Voltaic power pack spliced with a Magsafe plug. It has an initial high cost as well, but after that only the plug need be replaced.

Yeah Linux Mint was great until they broke it. Had problems with 18.2 and 18.3. Had to use LXDE just to stop the Cinnamon from crashing every boot.

Coming from the Win/Linux world, a MBP makes a nice Linux computer with a great GUI and keyboard with much longer battery life than the usual PC clunker. Buying second hand on eBay means I don't pay the sticker shock. If I wasn't into making $ with iOS I would be fine with my Linux Mint computers. Most coders I meet at meetups also use MBP's and have similar stories. We're not all Apple only.

I see the slow demise of Apple as a business opportunity for another company to make a quality product but so far it hasn't manifested when everyone sold out to China

Hopefully slow enough for me to make a living though and the platform still makes me think up new app ideas all the time. ARKit, Augmented Reality is just pure fun.

Google Android with Kotlin has a real winner and with the similarities to Swift makes it much easier to code between the two types of apps. The only problem is Google has caught the Apple marketing flu by raising their prices (Pixel? really?)

We need another hero

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Trapping comes from making their products as incompatible with others' as they could. Once you invested in the iTunes, you're forever trapped

As Apple products run different operating systems from Windows or Linux, naturally there is a degree of incompatibility. But in general, Apple don't seem to go out of their way to make things incompatible. (With perhaps the exception of being able to run the Mac operating system on non-Apple hardware. I think that one's understandable.)

I do my work generally on Mac computers but have no trouble passing data back and forward to other systems. My phone and tablet are Android, and I can play my iTunes music on those devices without too much trouble.

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@zichi - you have a lot of "modern" stuff....

no one doubts, that Apples Japanese support was decent, and still is.

However, their business practice of being closed to outside fixes is a bit much these days, and is flouting anti-competitive laws. They will soon be held account for that (assuming we're all still here).

Additionally, I have found personally, that their Support staff can be rather offensive, even to the point that they will disable your own personal account should you question their service. Such was their behavior I'm left not questioning my feeling that if there wasn't such a stigma associated with it, I wouldn't have been surprised to see their Corporate policy to have their employees wear Brown shirts....

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@zichi - still modern stuff... at least compared to my museum bound PCs, these were at least mostly upgradeable unlike their Apple counterparts. iPhones are a different ball game, all the manufacturers are trying to push out new phones each year and forcing you to upgrade or be left with an "insecure" device, or worse one that has been knobbled by a recent upgrade without any rollback feature available, or fix likely coming in the future.

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Anyway, back to Facebook. Why do you need it ?

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