Apple customers report devices crashing on iOS 9 update

By Heather Somerville and Jane Wardell

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American makemanship, gotta love it! When will people learn that you should never jump into firmware updates right away. Let the other guinea pigs try and see what happens. Same thing applies to buying new gadgets, wait a while to see how they are before jumping in and buying something that hasn't been tested. I'm a real Apple fan, but things go wrong. Be patient.

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Yup. a few of my apps just stopped working and eventually froze my iPad completely.

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Whether Apple, Microsoft, or anyone else... always wait with these type of upgrades. Wait to see the press and the "undocumented features" (bugs) that come out. Things do settle down pretty quickly... and then you upgrade. :)

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Updated iPad and iPhone without a hitch. Everything went as per the directions. iOS 9 is a good update.

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I'm surprised people still haven't learnt any lesson when installing a new iOS. When Apple released a new iOS software, always wait for the third or forth update. If you installed iOS 5.0, obviously this kind of problem will happen, but if you installed iOS 5.1.1, you will get a very stable iOS.

You have to be an Apple noob to install iOS 9.0 instead of waiting for 9.1 or 9.2.

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Updated 2 phones and an iPad with no problems at all

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No probs.

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The latest iTunes update wasn't spared from glitches either it seems. I keep getting a Cannot connect to iTunes purchases error.

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hold on isnt one of Apples main selling point at how good its Os is so much better than everybody else , never gets a virus or crashes!? Looks like that premium pricing is looking like a scam.

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@ Gate Satoru at Sep. 18, 2015 - 06:25PM JST "I'm surprised people still haven't learnt any lesson when installing a new iOS. When Apple released a new iOS software, always wait for the third or forth update."

I always wait, but don't we need some people to not learn the lesson? In other words, to find the (inevitable) bugs for us?

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I love the way my iOS devices sync with my Mac, now. Are they secretly scr**ing?

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Sounds like I dodged a bullet when iTunes asked if I wanted to update! Not just yet!!

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No problem so far in my iPad Air 2, actually Apple just make the promises months ago when they will release iOS 9 won't be bugs or crash. Just some flaws have iOS 9 such as; video audio picture to picture mode soemtimes I want just heard not seen the video, split screen could've been better sometimes when you erase something in keyboard sometimes pop up the split screen change, keyboard still doesn't have change color native, don't make wrong with apps but I don't like policies and terms could send information to developer what I'm writing kinda NSA, battery saver to iPad version, plug in flash to safari browser they do with ads blocking why not flash?, GIF in apps in my home screen like Windows phone, change between white to black my iBook library, better Game Center more faster, and the most important make an OS iPad version not more mobile iOS.

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C'mon... Nobody is going to mention that Charlie Brown has become a technology expert? Way to go, Charlie Brown! The Little Red-Haired Girl is sure to notice you now!

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Most of the crashes of apps in iOS 9.0--in the opinion of many in the tech industry--are caused by crashes in applications that haven't been updated to take advantage of how iOS 9.0 runs. There's been a lot of app updates being pushed out through the App Store currently, so these issues should be going away with the next week or so.

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Somewhere a fanboys thumb down my comments iOS 9 has flaws hahaha,

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Yeah, that's why ya wait awhile before a major upgrade of anything; let other people be the guinea pigs; allow time for all your apps' developers to transition to the new upgrade and fix their apps' inevitable bugs on the new platform; don't forget to make a backup first just in case, etc.

However, what Apple should still have done --since there's millions and millions of iOS devices out there-- once a # threshold of concurrent downloaders have been reached, is have a queue system like how the Win10 did, with the option to skip the queue for those users who know how to do it.

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I have had developer access to iOS 9 since early August and it runs without problems. I don't know what these guys that have their apps crashing are doing to their iPhones.

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