Apple debuts credit card as it readies TV+ launch


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I just don't see the AppleTV finding much success. same thing with their credit card. The rewards don't compare to high end cards such as the Sapphire or American Express cards. Furthermore, the rewards don't even come close to touching beginner to middle tier cards such as Captial One, Discover, and the new American Express card for those targeted tiers. 3% on Apple purchases is nice, but that is only if you spend a lot of money on apple products. 3% on Uber Eats and Uber isn't that great when you realize most credit card companies now give you $25 to $50 complimentary each month in either Uber or Lyft services depending on the card. Also, most companies give you 5% to 6% on those same Uber eats purchases.

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The Apple Card is actually just a Goldman Sachs card and if you want to cancel the card you need to contact them not Apple.

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Yes, it will be difficult for Apple TV+ to get traction, but then they do have a lot of money, look what happened to music (Apple music). It will be interesting, but I am far from excited

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