Apple rolls out virtual fitness service, new watch, subscription bundle, catering to pandemic work-from-home

By Stephen Nellis

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Article doesn't say much about the new Ipad Air, which is attracting lots of attention. I'd want one if I could think of why I'd need one. My Kindle Fire 8, at a tiny fraction of the price at $100, does everything I need.

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Looks like they’re starting to phase out the lightning connector... finally. I’d hold off from buying any new Apple devices that don’t use USB -C now... unless it’s absolutely needed.

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I wonder if all of the medical diagnostic features of the new Apple Watch will be available in Japan? They haven't been in the past if you bought a watch in Japan.

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My Kindle Fire 8, at a tiny fraction of the price at $100, does everything I need.

If you do the Google Play Store hack, Fire tablets are very capable for typical tablet use and very cheap.

You can get a fingertip oximeter like the ones clinics use for about 2000 yen. Some companies have started measuring it in fitness watches, but there is little info on what the number means and apparently you have to stop exercising to measure it, a no-no for running or cycling.

"It's a lot more aggressive pricing than I thought," said Ben Bajarin, principal analyst for consumer market intelligence at research firm Creative Strategies,

The best-known online reviewer of fitness tech, DC Rainmaker, says the service doesn't offer very much for the money. It is also English-language only.

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I wish they'd innovate their computers and make them super fast and clean and sell them for $400-500. I'd hope back on board with them.

This bundling thing makes sense for them business-wise but it won't have me in it. Don't need any extra fees for things I already get for free.

BTW, that Jeff Williams in this picture needs to tuck his shirt in. Both him and Tim Fox look like dorks like that.

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Desperation at Apple, everything that's useless is now packaged. Governments should force them to stop deliberately shortening the user lives of their products or to make hardware in good working order unusable as no more updating. The Eu is trying. Apples glory days are over again at least for a while.

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Robert, what is exactly do you base "Apple's glory days are over again"?

Just a reminder of the news the other day:

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Great that we don't need to pair it with an iPhone. Opens up the market to us Android phone users.

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Apple watches are the worst. Apparently they only give half a day of battery. Many people I talk to with an Apple watch complain so much about it.

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One day this company will be rendered irrelevant.

Its capitalistic manner is over the top. It used to mean something important when Steve Jobs was at the helm.

RIP Mr. Jobs.

Apple is a joke now. Like McDonald's over ump-tine quadrillion served! In micro bits of tech upgrade at a time.

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Waddo, spot on!

Invalid CSRF. When, oh when is JT going to fix this?

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The world doesn't need more Apple stuff, just the wrong time for it....

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Its Money for Nothing... and the Kicks are Free...

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Apple in Sci-Fi terms is like the BORG...

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Apple needs to fix that perception.

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Apple in Sci-Fi terms is like the BORG...

Yes, Apple, Google, Amazon, FaceBook... They're taking over a lot of industries that used to be thought of as immune to advances made by tech companies. They are being assimilated.

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Or you can use Gonoodle videos for free. Just saying .....................

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