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Apple delays delivery of new iPad by 2-3 weeks


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I just bought an iPad 2. Informed consumer.

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i doubt this would of happened on Jobs' watch.

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hope the hipsters have water, thats a long time to camp in front of the apple store.

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Probably a supply shortage? Wait for the Asus Tranformer Infinity to come out in June.

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I'm done with Ipads.No USB,no flash,no dvd function.Can someone hook me up with something with all 3 BASIC rights?

It's a very good point cracaphat...apple create innovative, quality products, but even apple diehards have to admit that functionally it can be guaranteed that the ipads will always be outperformed by samsung's galaxy tablets.

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How can I transfer data from the iPad to my iMac? Thatsa my question du jour.

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Things will always be more "closed" than you like, guys. The iPad is a great device, but you don't have full control because if you had full control there would be 5 USB ports, a thickness of 1.25 inches, a fan running all the time, etc. if you want freedom take the very reasonable ste of jailbreaking your device as I have, I play Macmame games on it and love it. Wait for Android apps but unless we ever see, say, a bitchen Ubunto layer above Android (if so I will be tempted actually) things will always be a bit less free overall, but better overall. Even Windows 8 when it comes out will be cool but limited on the portable side, with all apps coming from Microsoft rather than you doing what you want to do with them.

(typing this on my iPad, which I use all the time)

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Data can be transferred easily with iCloud, Dropbox, Sugarsync..... all free. USB would be nice, but DVD in tablet???

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Great, another week of dealing with 'that guy' in the office shoving his new toy in everbody's face I haven't owned an apple product since the Macintosh II when I bought one used in 1995 and even back then I only had the basic display instead of the color one. I'm not knocking the product, I've just never been a fan of the interface, though I do openly detest their customers. I remember taking my friend into their huge store in that glass cube in New York, it was like descending into a hell of 4 hour lines, gossiping children, and angry parents.

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There is a USB port on an iPad - you just need an adaptor. And, as redegasttt points out, iCloud and Dropbox work beautifully and are free. Start adding things like DVD players and you end up with a 1990 Dell luggable.

Heaven forbid!

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2 or 3 weeks oh my god this is terrible

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Another useless gadget from Apple that people will just throw their money at them for. Might as well take your money out back and burn it with the trash.

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Stephen Jez, better thought is you can send your burnable money to me. Seriously I do not like my I phone, the screen is too small for my bad eyes. The transmission rate is really SLOW. Will stick with my mac book pro :)

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It's delayed because the first shipment is sold out. People who got in fast and ordered on line will get their iPads on the 16th.

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It's amazing to me that people could actually complain (no USB port! Can't watch DVDs! Waaa!) about a device that didn't even exist until 2 years ago. As the comic Louis CK said, the most incredible things invented today are wasted on probably the most useless, whining generation.

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Thanks for the good info everyone! I wasn't really serious about the DVD. That'll have to wait for my laptop acquisition this Xmas. :-)

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the guy who is new president aims to make long lines in front of apple stores. maybe he doesnt have confidence if the now ipad will sell well.

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The headline is very misleading. Hundreds of thousands of iPads will be delivered on the 16th. Including retail sales the opening weekend will likely be double or tripple the iPad 2's opening weekend sales. Whatever date Apple promised at time of purchase will be the delivery date.

All they are trying to say (poorly) is Apple started sliding the date back a few days after internet orders opened. I'm pretty sure this is the exact same thing that happened for the iphone 3, 4, 4S. This might be the first time the iPad has really had a big sales rush. The speculation is there are about 16 Million iPad 1 owners out there that skipped the iPad 2. They are ready to plunk down some cash for an updated model.

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