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Apple expected to turn up the music dial


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$10 monthly

About a $120 a year? No thanks.

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10 dollar a month to support your favorite artists, is not a lot of money imo.

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Well, $10 wii be worth depending on the quality of the selection of the tracks. I currently subscribe to a chill-out/ambient streaming service for $3.50. But the selection is horrible - and there's no way to change it. But it's the best available right now. If Apple proves to be better than the rest, then I'm more than willing to pay more for the service.

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@lostinnagoya Well said, if the quality is good its worth it. Btw if you like chillout ambient music, may I recommend frisky.fm, their chill channel has the best curated chillout selection on the web imo.

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i lost all my music when i updated to iphone 6 so $10 a month seeems worth it to me if i get to listen to the songs i want.

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@papigiulio, thanks for the recommendation. I currently subscribe to the sky.fm/radiotunes combo, which is pretty good and I have access to more than 50 playlists of different genres (even j-pop). Will check frisky.fm anyway. Thanks.

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I wonder if regulators let them in the Japanese market? Spotify and other leaders in the streaming music services are not present here. I hope Apple shakes that and we see some competition in Japan - good for all costumers.

Note: These are not radio - basically its online rental of CD-quality music. You can stream your heart's content at the fingertips of a smartphone app via music streamer, AV amp, PC, etc. to your HiFi

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Echoing Bogva, I really hope this is available in Japan. For 1000 yen a month I can listen to what I want, when I want, where I want? Sounds good to me.

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I wonder what The Beatles and their heirs have to say about this. Perhaps Apple Corps will sue Apple yet again for trademark infringement.

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Bluebris: Your data plan will say otherwise, I've been capped at 7gigs several times just viewing youtube and daily things, the carriers need to remove the restriction

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