Apple expected to unveil new iPad on Wednesday


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Must get down to my local Beijing apple store to buy one.

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DHL has the contract, they're on the runway, charged and just waiting for the order to come out of Apple HQ. Houston, we have contact!

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There will be no change in the size of the screen or the size of shortage. IPad 2 will still be available probably at a lesser price. New Apple TV to go with it.

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trade in your i pad 2 now

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I'll keep my iPad 2 and will trade up when iPad 4 or even 5 becomes available. I use my desktops and laptops for five years before even thinking of replacing them, and three years for an iPad.

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I like Apple, but the batteries on the Iphones and Ipads SUCK! Not that the batteries on the other tablets do not suck but come on, what is the point of having all these bells and whistles if the BATTERY does not last but a couple of hours??

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BATTERY does not last but a couple of hours? like 2 or 3 hours? it should last 8 hrs is it not?

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Elbuda - Have you ever actually used an iPhone or iPad? The batteries last far longer than a few hours. My iPhone 4 lasts all day even with heavy use and listening to music all day.

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My iPhone 4 lasts all day even with heavy use and listening to music all day.

Carrying it in your handbag around town doesnt really count as "heavy use", try watching movies and browsing the internet instead..itll last you only 6 hours tops.

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I'm waiting for Samsung's 'I can't believe it's not a knock-off!' effort a couple of months down the track. :)

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I use my iPad all day, including many videos. I only charge the battery overnight so it certainly lasts longer than 10 hours which is one of the great points of the iPad.

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Plan to get mine in April...psyched!

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@Elbuda: my 4S lasts all day, and it's enough for me. It doesn't last 14 hours like my last Nokia because the 4S has thousand more features than my simple Nokia. So, I was realistic about the battery life of a ultramodern smartphone like iPhone 4S when I bought it. Anyway, as I always see you complaining about the battery, it's clear you haven't disabled or enabled some features that do eat the battery. Wi-fi, network, screen brightness, the Push system, are among some features that perhaps are ON with no need at all. Well, some experts say that Apple will release iOS 5.1 or 5.0.2 this Wednesday, and it will deal with the battery, among other improvements.

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