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Apple faces employee resistance in office return plan: report


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Many companies fail to see that everyone have different preferences when it comes to work environment and providing the right environment for employees can boost productivity and relationship.

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Apple is atypical. These folks get decent wages. Many have spacious American homes. That's not the same in other countries where homes are smaller and often ill-suited to homeworking.

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Our employees are all still working at home. When the vaccinations have come around, we'll decide how to proceed. We already let the lease go on one of our locations though, as we will never return to full-time office. The question is how to most effectively handle returns to the office. We're considering having everyone come one day a week, although then we need a bigger office than the one we still have. Either that, or we'll have them each come in one day a week, but stagger it so they're not all there at once.

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I guess the employees have not figured out that Telecommuting employees really mean anyone with a computer and internet can also do your job if qualified. If your English is good you might apply

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This is the wave of the future! You have a catered to a bunch of kids who have now grown up with pacifiers and wearing wet pants. These kids don't want to do anything, you can go to the super market and see them shopping in their pajamas. Do I need to say pajamas again. All they want to do is sit in front of a monitor, play video games and feed their faces and do nothing!!! Yes Apple built a beautiful campus but Apple is also part of the problem that created these slackers!!

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People would rather mess around at home than go to the office, hardly breaking news. "Working from home" = "slacking off" for 99.9% of people. The virus is just a convenient excuse for most of them.

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Luxury of being able to do so. Plenty of lower paid workers or manual workers can't as their jobs require them to be present to clean/pack/serve/drive/build/fix or whatever else they do.

another big division in society that has been exacerbated by the Rona.

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This is probably one of the causes why some companies resisted so much to let people telework temporarily, many employees have noticed they are as productive in their houses as in the office and their daily lives improved importantly, it is obviously they would resist going back for no real reason.

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The iPhone maker, which faces a dilemma similar to other firms seeking to reopen after pandemic restrictions, has called for employees to return three days a week starting in September, according to the tech news site The Verge.

Liberals and the Dems made this mess, they need to immediately stop giving up paying people to stay at home and give people an ultimatum, get your lazy butts back on the job site or you will be replaced. Giving that ultimatum will get people off their rears and in the office real quick.

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Meanwhile in Japan most of us have been cramming into the same crowded trains every morning, 5-6 days a week, since the pandemic went down.

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