Apple, Google to harness phones for virus infection tracking


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More infringement of civil liberties under the guise of pandemic response.

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everyone, turn off location settings and your bluetooth, this is Orwellian.

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everyone, turn off location settings and your bluetooth, this is Orwellian

That won’t help. Of course Google and Apple already thought of that.

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This is complete CRAP.

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And some people aren't able to see the obvious yet.

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Welcome in 1984...oops, 2020.

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Is this also the next step in the West? The use of electronic wristbands, linked to the phones apps? And how is "not replying to phone calls" a violation of quarantine rules? What if that person was simply in the toilet? I don't get it.

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I find it hard enough to pair my headphones to my Phone, I wonder how successful that these efforts will really be ? But, if they can pull it off without draining battery life, I wonder if we will end up with a People tracker app - similar to "FlightRadar24" ?

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Absolutely the worst proposal and action by both companies. If you look at their set up with smartphones, they already track you even without you allowing location information to be gathered. This is a farse. It will end up like China where we are always tracked and they will Know exactly where we are at and who we meet. Since our smartphones are already connected to the telephone company's grid, our location is automatically recorded and available to Google and to Apple. If in doubt, cancel your location authorization on your smartphone and then ask your phone to give you the weather. It will announce exactly what city you are in and give you the weather in real time.

As far as I am concerned, it is a very dangerous proposal which all countries and all people should should oppose. It is unsurpassed, juncontrollable and no option surveillance and loss of our freedom of movement and liberty. There is absolutely no guarantee, except their word that they may use it only during another pandemic. We all know that that kind of talk is "balony" as Facebook and Google too has admitted. OIur personal data have been sold and their excuses were "sharing" or "hacked". And they have never given us the exact data and evidence to say otherwise.

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All this is encouraging me to get a phone that's not apple or android-based.

You do know that a phone is just a small computer now? You can probably install another operating system like Windows or Linux on it instead at least

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You do know that a phone is just a small computer now? You can probably install another operating system like Windows or Linux on it instead at least

Good luck with that. Phones are not open platforms

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welcome to the Matrix

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ONE option has been VOIP to be free of smartphnes... but that too is controlled by MS, Google and Apple that run the OS. One dangerous OS which we really do not know about has been the MS OS. Those three literally control communication and information in the world. And more than interestingly they ALWAYS want to know ehere you are and asks for location directly or indirectly, but they don't tell us that once connected it literally has your exact location by default for havin g connected to the internet. Every application I know that I use on the computer automatically places your location and changes the language to that country even without my input. I almost always must change the language setting.

So the surveillance of everything we do,has already begun.

Google and Facebook is only trying to make such surveillance legally and cognitively and emotionally acceptable so that we cannot oppose it or even have a choice in that matter.

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Just an update on surveillance and the "leaking" of personal data by Facebook.

Congress now has no time to even confront this issue. But our data is being used for others to profit and also put ourselves in jeopardy. Imagine if the tracking data is used in the same way.

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Well add this technology to location tracking and you have China.

In fact you have George Orwell's story come true.

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