Apple hack exposes flaws in building apps behind 'Great Firewall'


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malicious programme, dubbed XcodeGhost, hold on I thought Apples iOS was impervious to viruses/bugs. that premium price doesnt seem to be justified now does it?

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If you're talking about the App Store vs Google Play then Apple has usually been far more secure than Google... it's not iOS that was impervious. Then... if you're trying to say one piece of malware on iPhone makes it's premium price point invalid then wouldn't that mean the thousands which make it onto Android OS make Android completely worthless?

We get it... you don't like Apple.

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Apple OS is not impervious to attacks. No system is. They have good security, but the majority of privately owned computers are Windows based, and the majority of company systems are Unix or Windows. What incentive have hackers had to hack Apple?

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We get it... you don't like Apple. actually i dont like any company that scams a person into paying a premium price for something thats clearly not that premium compared to the competition.

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You're using an example where their performance has in the past clearly been that much better than the competition. If you were talking about hardware then yeah there may be better handsets, but the OS... a jailbroken iPhone is capable of a whole lot more than Apple will let you do to a non-jailbroken iPhone... but then they open themselves up to a lot more opportunity for malicious behavior. I'm not sure where the scam is?

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Made in China!

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