Apple halts Siri response grading program after privacy concerns


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So Apple was spying on customers under certain circumstances, but it's OK because it's only a small number, and the T&C's sort of maybe said this could happen. Apple is evil. Google is evil. Facebook is evil. And on, and on, and on. Our privacy should be guaranteed by law.

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Apple says many things... but you have to take those with a pinch of salt....

Their "Screentime".. is a Farce... I would be most happy to take on Apple in Court 1:1 on this fact, though Lawyers point to the contract we "signed" when we bought the Apple iPhone and say we haven't a chance of success.... Law makers will need to therefore be pressured to bring about a change here.

Their AppStore applications are not safe... I came across one - "GIF Keyboard", that wishes to capture and record ALL your keyboard inputs ... that's blatent spying, and supported by Apple ???

Apple has a "Support" organisation. Google Android does not. So I guess Apple gets a lot a flak, such as from me, but, Google is not without blame... so I agree i with "CrazyJoe" .. it's time to sort out the Wild Wild "Internet" - and that really shouldn't be so hard for someone with the balls to do so. Sadly Trump's cohort's threats to the UK about such taxation are simply badly timed, and deserve sacking, for those involved.... they're the Political World, and Morons in the Tech World - to put it bluntly, they shafted their own President (and that would go for whatever Political Party was in Power).

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