Apple in talks for free Internet radio


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This would be great for those of us overseas who use iTunes with our US credit cards... That is if we're lucky and Apple lets us continue to use our US accounts from overseas. Pandora, Netflix and Hulu stand to lose more customers because of this.

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It will be US only, there are no laws in Japan for internet radio (only) stations.

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Right now, go ahead and add Pandora to the growing list of "geo-blocked" sites in Japan. Don't believe me? Go to Pandora site now and they will tell you in so many words "sorry, you are in Japan. No service for you".

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BS: make iTune buyers real owner of what they buy regardless of where you live. I bought my laptop and first iTunes while in Canada in 2010, the move to Switzerland and then moved to Japan. I have never ever downloaded pirated stuff but now iTunes deleted all my music/movie because of different origin setting. PISSSSSED OFFFFFF with these Apple Pirate.

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gogogo - Can you say more on that?

BuzzB - Pandora has always been blocked here, but never iTunes as long as you have a US credit card using a US address.

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Pandora blocks you based on your computer's IP address location, be it Japan or Singapore or other countries. I first started using pandora from Japan when it first went on line. It was blocked by pandora in May of 2007 due to lack of an international licensing framework.

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Open Minded: are you sure of that? I have used my MB for years in different countries and nothing like this ever happened. Yours is the first I ever heard of.

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it is opportunity for japan entrepreneurs to develop YOURADIO. like you tube on YOURADIO people to give proper speak. overtake the old apple.

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movieguy: there is no way to collect the royalities, in America they have soundexchange which collects the money from online only stations, Japan does not have anything like this so there is no way to pay for the music from the internet radio station.

It is why there are NO internet radio (only) streaming services in Japan.

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