Apple iPhone a threat to national security: Chinese media


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" Ma gave the example of a journalist being tracked by the software as a demonstration of her fears over privacy"

As if the Chinese government doesn't do this?

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Someone needs to show them how to disable the tracking feature or is it another excuse, now that they have siphoned enough of Apple's technology?

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There should be a new category for dumb articles like this. Call it:Whodathunkit?

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Stupidity has no cure!

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It just means China is having more difficulties stifling freedom from the masses, once they had a tight grip on the information flow and could keep things from the people, now it's becoming increasingly hard as the technology to circumvent blocks, firewalls and security files are much easier to bypass and that infuriates the Chinese government....good! Hope it gets to the point where the Chinese government will be so bogged down with trying to repress the masses that the interior structure will implode. One can only dream and hope.

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China may be a WTO member, but it sure is abusing its WTF quota.

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I am not used to other OSses, but isn't this feature - or a variation - common to Windows phone, BBs and Androids?

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Funny they should comment on national security when they run state-funded hacker groups to steal big corporations' data!

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I'm worry about Government departments and companies using IT hardware made in Communist China than Apple iPhone.

Japanese Government should only use Computer hardware which are made in Japan instead of made in Communist China and overseas.

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Japantoday Jul. 10, 2014 BEIJING — U.S. technology giant Apple has lost a lawsuit against a Chinese state regulator over patent rights to voice recognition software such as the iPhone’s “Siri”, a Beijing court said. Japantoday Jul.13,2014 BEIJING — Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has accused U.S. technology giant Apple of threatening national security through its iPhone’s ability to track and time-stamp a user’s location.

How creative are they, everything seem synchronised nicely like the patterns. What is next comrade?

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In an interview, Ma gave the example of a journalist being tracked by the software as a demonstration of her fears over privacy.

I'm sure Chinese journalists are bright enough to turn off the tracking feature if they are going to a sensitive meeting.

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Oh the irony of the Chinese state broadcaster going under the acronym "CCTV"

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The user can turn off the Apple tracking feature but I sure the Chinese government still traces any phone with GPS ability anyway via the telecoms.

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The only threat to national security are iPhone's church of iSheeple fanboys.

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