Apple jumps to lead wearable computing with smartwatch

By Drew Angerer

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I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and I Love it Most of all no APPLE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!

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I just bought the AW2 this week, and it keeps amazing me: I get notifications of major apps without having to keep looking at my iPhone every 10 minutes. Can answer with Siri, Scribble (what a nice surprise) and emojis. Most important is that I receive notifications of my bank and cards transactions. And it looks gorgeous. I discovered one can get addicted to gettting bands. I got the Nike for working out, a faux dark brown leather for formal occasions and the beautiful army one for most times. Totally recommend. Now I understand how AW is doing so well.

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I just bought the AW2 this week, and it keeps amazing me: I get notifications of major apps without having to keep looking at my iPhone every 10 minutes.

I have bought and used Apple products for about 15 years but stopped using a mobile phone more than 5 years ago and have never bought or used an AW. What disturbs me about your comment is that you and so many others need to check their phones every 10 minutes. People walking along the streets with their heads buried in their phone devices. This also leads to accidents.

What's so important in your life that you need to check it every 10 minutes?

I even understand why people need mobile phones and even AW, which you can't have without also having an iPhone so is the additional expense really worth it.

When I'm out I am digitally free, disconnected from the internet, unable to be reached just being mindful of my self and what's going on around me. I wasn't criticizing you, just giving an alternative opinion.

Last week I bought a beautiful analog watch with green strap for ¥500. It tells the time and I don't need to get my glasses out to see the watch face, amazing!

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@zichi: I use iPhone+AW at my workplace (mostly) and I need them to keep connected to my workmates that happen to be out of office. And you got it all wrong: with AW on my wrist I don't need to check my iPhone so constantly. I only do that when an important notification comes in. Actually, I realized I am using my iPhone less. I am less connected because I can somehow let less important notifications aside and focus on whatever I am doing. Also I noticed I am dropping an annoying modern habit: stopping chatting to people to grab my iPhone out of my pocket. I feel I am relieved from cyber duties I was not aware of. As for your choice. Well, you certainly sounds like you are your own boss and you don't have to be in communication to work at your best. Not my case. I am a legal assistant (a la The Good Wife), so you guess how my job is (before you ask: I am 100% satisfied with my job)

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Ok, but there are very few people including Tim Cook who need to be constantly connected and receiving notifications every ten minutes. I am not going to ask about your work or private life, that's not my concern but does your company buy the AW and iPhone and pay your monthly charges? An increase in being constantly connected and checking emails is causing people to have more stress in their working lives. People are checking their iPhones/smart phones as soon as they wake up, even before eating breakfast.

Yes, I am my own boss and have been for many decades. I'm an artist and also a therapist and suggest that you ensure to have one whole day a week when you are disconnected from the internet. That time and space is important.

When working at the computer, emails and notifications are a distraction and less work is done. I have two periods each day when I check and deal with emails and notifications. Yesterday, I listened to a good podcast on Macpower Users about notifications. Its worth a listen.

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