Apple unveils new iPhone X


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Kevin Drum on the iPhone X hype:

"Some people can get away with nonsense like this. Donald Trump. Kanye West. Apple. Everyone plays along because it’s part of the act. But no one else can do it because, after all, it’s also pretty ridiculous."

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Starts at $999 and is covered in glass.... hahaha

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No USB C socket then? That must mean these are not "pro" phones.

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Just got the 7 about half a year or so ago. Guess I have to wait for another year and a half but I want that X!

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Its amazing that in 10 years most people now own a smartphone and flipphones are almost nonexistent. Really amazing!

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Whos more foolish the customer or the company?Kind of like the chicken and the egg, but cant blame a company for wanting to sell its products.

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You dont need top upgrade actually. I am still using my iphone5.. :)

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You don't need an iphone, other products have the same features 2-3 years before Apple. But it "just works" on Apple.... and Apple does it better right? It's also cool to give Apple 1000 dollars a year :)

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Of course it's really nice to have the latest technology, but I'm usually quite happy with what I have. What annoys the crap out of me is when they upgrade the software, slowing down your phone until it's unusable. This basically forces you to either buy a new phone or have something that is practically useless.

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Apple will eventually force you to update your phone, maybe not this version but a few later, you'll suddenly find your phone no longer gets updates, becomes a security issue, or even bricks.

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Agreed Jonobugs, its called planned obsolescence. Phone companies now do this not only with software updates but by also sealing up the phone so you cannot easily switch out the battery. Even if your phone is still great, the battery is a component that deteriorates over time, typically after around 1 or 2 years the battery holds about half or less of the charge it did when it was new. Buying a new phone is the only choice you have. Its a shame that Samsung started doing this too all for the sake of design... only providing sealed/glass phones. Design over function. Design over longevity. As a result I am still stubbornly using a Galaxy Note Edge (released late 2014), the last Note series phone with a removable battery. I bought a new battery last month (1500YEN) and its like a new phone again. Nothing also beats turning the phone off for a minute while you swap out the battery for a fresh 100% charged one :) I guess this is why phone companies are doing this... with planned obsolescence the customer is forced in purchasing a new phone... good business model indeed.

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What I do dislike is that everything has to go through the istore, iie giving them full control add in apple-pay, etc.

Said that I am committed to Android now and host much in the supplied Google cloud(free).

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Apple did it again. When it hit the shelves, it will be a record breaker. But I'll skip it this year. My iPhone 7 is flawless, will work for another year.

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$999? If it is not for work or I am always traveling in some rural areas, I would not even bother to have a cell phone. I only need a phone to call-in and out and do some very basic functions. Anything more, I will use my laptop/desktop or sometimes my clustered server.

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@cliffy thats cos like me you getting on in life mate.

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How about Apple reverting to basics, simplicity in design, and function, develop a radical new phone... not a handheld desktop, but perhaps a Communication device. A Cross between the Star Trek Communicator and the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy encyclopedia device. I just want something to work, not to be a very expensive breakable, easily lost, item. Its a phone, or maybe nowadays a Communication device. So why not focus upon the basics to make that so, rather than developing expensive functionality that may not work all the time - such as the push button finger print sensor, or the face recognition tied to 1 face only (under what circumstances).

I will always remember the scene, when Engineer Scotty, in Startrek IV, picks up the Apple mouse, saying "how cute" and attempt to speak into it saying "Hello Computer"...

Apple needs imagination, and perfection. It appears to have lost both.

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