Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands dispute


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When a user searches for the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, claimed by Beijing under the name Diaoyu, two sets of the islands appear alongside each other.

For the life of me I can not see how this solves anything. There is only one grouping of islands and however anyone wants to put it on an i-phone app nothing will change that. If anyone is dense enough to believe otherwise then that is a different problem altogether.

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You can get Google Maps back after the upgrade.

It's not as complete as the older was, but it's a holdover while Apple files off the rough edges on its own Maps app.

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As a person from away, I look forward to a diplomatic resolution, rather than a less socially responsible method presented by some of either side. Goofy technical glitches are not a solution.

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Um, this isn't a solution. This is a silly joke by whoever wrote this article.

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Well, there is that new 3D printing technology. Perhaps they can 3D print up some new islands?

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It's actually a good symbolism of truth that THIS is what it's all about--recognition.

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What kind of solution is this? Try harder next time whoever wrote this article.

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I think the writer of this article is trying to make us look beyond our noses. Both China and Japan, and Taiwan need to look way, way beyond their noses and see the bigger picture of these stupid islands, take a deep breath and see that this is way too much about NOTHING.

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China and Japan are not only disputing the islands, but what exists under and around them. The sea bottom there is very rich in minerals and there is indications of oil in this area. Also you need to think about the fishing. There is much more in dispute that only a few square kilometers of land.

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Takahiro and Elbuda, consider if it were Shikoku, or Baja California, and say, France "claimed them." Would you be cool with that, then? The one who needs to see beyond a nose is you. Unlike yourself, these islands are not stupid. They are just Japanese islands. While it is about recognition its recognition that they actually do belong to someone, and China didn't just, "find them laying on the beach." China only claims them now because they think Japan can't hold them. That's the way wars start. China knows it. They are saying, on an international play-ground level, "I am going to take your toy and you can't stop me because I am beigger!" Some think, like muslims, "riots make us right!" But a smart-ass article about a smart phone glitch is not going to stop China's agression.

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Really stupid article. I want the minute and a half of my life I spent reading it back. Now!

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China only claims them now because they think Japan can't hold them.

Actually this is not so, China only claims them because they believe their may be oil and or natural gas deposits under the ocean there, and the fishing grounds are quite valuable too.

Oh besides that China is just pushing it's weight around, knowing fully well that the US is behind Japan.

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Whatever, cyclemate. I'm Japanese and I think what we're doing is stupid. Diplomacy is not about size anymore. Not in this 21st century world. Look at how Philippines are fighting with the Chinese on South China Sea. If China is thinking it is a kid's playground, then Japan shall not stoop down to that level and start acting like a mature adult. In other words, not to be provoked. What's happening is the exact opposite and I in fact feel ashamed that some prominent public figures, and some hot-headed common people are trying to play the same game. It's no game.

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P.S. I'm in agreement that this article does nothing to make progress on the disputes. I only think it was a good demonstration--however unintentional--of how insignificant the issue is, that a writer of a French news service can think a map application may be able to superfluously ease off the minds of hot-headed people on both sides of the globe.

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I think it show that Apple should leave map programs to the pros at Google.

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Is it possible to build a artifical island beside it and China and Japan share the costs? Share the gas reserves? Must be better than losing their cities in a war

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At mathew Simon. I agree the google maps was better. But the map info was from Tom Tom . A gps company that has been a "pro" as you put far longer than google has.

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I think the UN should just step in and either decide or decide to just take it themselves as a protected site. Obviously if someone does not do something soon, something will happen and all hell will break loose.

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Apple saves the day. Ridiculous.  

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It won't solve anything. The Chinese will claim them both.

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Senkaku, Diaoyu Island's should be devided between Japan and China equally. Share the Resources, share the Isalnds. Infact, these island's could be used as a neutral territory for Japan and China to move together and become stronger economic partners. I don't think eighter country really want's war.

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The writer was just making a joke. Maybe not a very funny one but hardly worthy of the outpouring seen here.

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Joint development by China, Taiwan and Japan of the islands at some point in the future. No one wants a war over some silly islands.

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For me it doesn't sound like a joke but a wisdom in the sense that there is no need for China blubbing and destroying anything Japanese in China and vis a vis for Chinese in Japan.This are all initiated by a powerful FORCE that you and I knows who. I am sure no countries wanted to deal with another world war cause it will be the end of mankind with all those nukes flying and exploding around us. It's a no win solution for human kind just for some litlle islands they are fighting for. I am still wondering why until now the assigned world organiztaion who handles territorial disputes like this are muted and toothless to help settled this issues. Where are these amoebas. I am sure Japan can handle any threats or attacks by China as they have proven by almost conquering Asia during WWII. And I know China knows that too. IMO this conflicts are just intrigues made by that FORCE you and I know for their business gains and profits. Japan is now equipping their military with new Radars and planes. What for? My guess is good as yours. Then it was NK threat. Now it's China. Both Communist countries. Vietnam is another who also claim another islands called Spratley Islands but China is not bullying them although their chinese guards at Spratley have killed some of their fishermens while fishing near the disputed islands.. China have already built their defense base in the islands according to reports gathered by the Philippines. Another claimants which have all the rights because of the territorial boundaries and laws of the sea that China doesn't honor. Btw, just a piece of advice to the Chinese Officials, please stop your activists in harassing innocent Japanese businessmen in China that is just doing business with your chinese businessmen. Remember , Japan is full of Chinese having businesses in Japan too. Japanese activists might retaliate. Just a reminder.

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I would disregard this topic. Apple has messed up more than 26 maps as of today. They are trying to fix them.

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Apple may have to add a "worm" to its logo. When I checked the map, those rocks look like they are closer to Taiwan (Formosa) than anywhere else and they are part of the Ryuku Island chain, obviously no part of China. So, why is everybody ignoring Taiwan?

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What solution? The islands can not be duplicated. Even if Japan gave up the islands for "joint-development", China would place bases on those islands and then go back on the agreement. There would be nothing Japan could do without being the "aggressor".

Taiwan is not a country, only a very few countries have diplomatic relations with the Republic of China. Soon perhaps the rebellious province of China will return to the control of the mainland Chinese. So letting Taiwan have them is like giving them to the Peoples Republic of China.

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This article sure is taking a beating. I shall attempt to explain the logic:

1) You would have to be stupid to believe there are two side by side identical sets of islands, one called Diaoyu, and the other the Senkakus.

2) Nationalists, the ones causing the trouble, ARE stupid.

3) The stupid nationalists rarely double check their facts, and certainly don't usually go to remote islands to see if a map is correct.

4) Widely publish the incorrect maps and enjoy the silence!

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Steve Jobs must be wondering too...the way Apple is losing its way....the charm is fading and Android/Microsoft will take over from Apple in matter of time. I use iPhone too but Apple has came too far with this one! I'll probably upgrade to iPhone5 but no one tells the future. And Samsung S3 is a one very good phone. Keep it up Samsung. Lets see if other rivals and give fight to Apple. Samsung S3 is better in many ways to iPhone5 but many people like me will go for iPhone5, but will that happen in future?

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Is there a third solution for the disputes over the islands being fought over, the gas and minerals, by China and Japan. Since nobody really lives on the islands and the squabble is really about who is to control the fishing and mineral rights of the island (whose cow is to be fattened and whose cow is to be put to slaughter). Would it not be prudent for both countries to help with the development and management of the natural resources of the island; for the benefit of all? We all talk about cooperation in the development space (the final frontier), but what of the natural resources of mother Earth (as we overdevelop every square centimeter of earth causing untold pollution and environmental damage). The Japanese leadership and the Chinese leadership should acting like spoiled children and seek a third option in its dispute.

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