Apple offering free recycling of all used products


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All of the supposedly erased or shredded data on your i-thingmabobs will be sent to the fbi, cia and nsa at no charge as well. As far as being such an eco friendly company, Apple has great marketing savvy and are just trying to stay ahead of the eco-nazi's who are going after your favorite tech toy company that is polluting the world with plastics and lithium batteries.

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Apple always recycled your products and with iPods they give you 10% off your next ipod if you choose to update. No matter how old and if it's broken. They just put a little notification on their website reminding customers that it's available on Earth Day.

Hawkeye, almost everyone knows to destroy the hdd of a product before throwing it away. You can give them the computer without the hdd if you're so paranoid and they will still dispose of it for you free if charge. Don't be so quick to talk ill.

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I have already recycled my old iPhone 4S , I sold it to Hard off .

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