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Apple out to renew iPhone frenzy at age 10


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I don't know about the upcoming iPhone, but Apple's new building is pretty awesome!

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Of course it can't "recapture the magic of the launch 10 years ago".  It is not even trying.

It is trying to sell more phones.

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Apple finally getting rid of the useless space-hogging bezel

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I bet I've saved $100,000 over the years by not owning a cell phone. Almost certainly more, if I were to put a value on the wasted time spent playing with the stupid things. Don't call me and I won't call you.

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I bet I've saved $100,000 over the years by not owning a cell phone. Almost certainly more, if I were to put a value on the wasted time spent playing with the stupid things. over-estimate the costs of a cell phone.

Even if you had been a cell phone owner for 20 years, that would be $5000 per year, or over $400 p/m. I think that you would struggle to find a contract that costs that much.

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The problem with these Tech companies, is that your phone is deemed to have a rather limited life. After Apple or however, says so, (5-10 years) you're left with a lump of useless plastic, and are left having to Jail-break it (in Apples case) in order to continue using it.

I'm sorry, but I like to read news stories, upon it, take photos, talk 1 to 1 with friends over a data stream, but, that's it. I don't need the latest and greatest - what you think I must have, I simply want something that works, and offers free choice (Apple is restrictive per Country). I think, we may be soon hitting a turning point between cost versus benefit.

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I bet I've saved $100,000 over the years by not owning a cell phone.

just a bit of an exaggeration there.

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I bet I've saved $100,000 over the years by not owning a cell phone.

Clearly you need to wean yourself off some of those more esoteric "special-interest" sites.... : )

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And sadly the Japanese will go crazy about this model too. Using an iphone instead of another brand might have been smart 7-8years ago, but today you get other phones that are better in pretty much any aspect. Even Japanese brands, and there is not a single relevant or important thing an Iphone does that not a high end Xperia does just a good, or better.

You would imagine a tech savvy country like Japan would realize that, but all that is American is worshipped here so..

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Got a lift in my brother-in-law's BMW (bought used), and I marvelled at the car phone that was still installed (though not working, of course). Pretty amazing that people used to put phones in their cars. I know my father had one in the early 90s. I'm sure there were large briefcase-sized phones available in the 70s and 80s (for sure by the 80s). I'm sure that you could run up to $100,000, or close to it, if you'd started buying cell phones and the cell planes available from back then until now. Not all that far fetched people.

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Not surprised that this is still an event 10 years on.

The iPhone is still the industry standard and the best phone in all respects!

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The one big thing iPhone has going for it is the iOS ecosystem - to many people, that's more than enough

However, specs-wise though, iPhone is now lagging behind - there are already other phones that's gone ahead, and it's the iPhone that's following. (Heck, Apple still put only 1GB RAM all the way to iPhone 6!)

The intense competition among Android phones have pushed themselves to innovate faster just to survive (survival of the fittest - when there's constant intense pressure from the environment either to keep evolving or die, species evolution is sped up, like super-bacteria in the overuse of antibacterial drugs). Ya can put those Android and iPhones side-by-side and open the same apps and see which one is laggy (friends and I do that all the time to compare)

And many of the spec decisions Apple makes is not really for the benefit of the users, but rather to keep earning licensing fees from its MFi ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") program:


Every company that manufactures peripherals for any of Apple's proprietary hardware or software pays a royalty to Apple. That's why Apple is not too keen on switching to industry standards but rather keeping their own. Ever wonder why MacBooks already use USB Type-C Thunderbolt while iPhone/iPod/iPad still use Lightning? Because all the accessories for it that they can charge MFi licensing fees, lol

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It is the ecosystem that works for me. I have iPads, an Airbook and Apple TV and of course iTunes. It all works so easily and smoothly together. I've never had to get support in ten years! I have to use Windows for work and it is crap in so many aspects. I'm glad there is competition out there for mobile phones but I'll be sticking with Apple - too damn easy.

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Fully on Android now switching back to IOS is toon much hassle and headache.

I think same goes for many iOS users.

Be happy with what you are comfortable with, they all do the same thing in the end unless you go deep down.

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