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Apple plans to develop electric car: Wall Street Journal


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Does it get the spinning beach of death after too many upgrades?

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Does it get progressively slower with each upgrade so that you have to buy a new iCar every few years?

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Apple is sitting on so much capital it doesn't seem to know what to do with it. Why not start paying factory workers more?

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Beachballs aside, expect major disruption for the auto industry, like Japan Inc. experienced when digitalization slashed the cost of entry for consumer electronics.

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OK, ladies and gents, let's come up with a name.

Should be fun.

I go for the Apple "CORE".

Who's next?


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how about the "CARAPPLE" electric car

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Apple going to make a car, I bet it will be a Lemon.

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This is pie in the sky thinking from Apple.

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Gary: The name is in the article.

warispeace: what's so far fetched about it? I can't see them coming up with anything that would be affordable for your average consumer, and I highly doubt it would be mass produced if they succeed, but it's not like the method to build a car is any big secret or Apple any shortage of money. And on the plus side, they're starting from scratch and can BEGIN with the new tech, not start from an industry still trying to milk all the profit it can from gas-guzzling machines and hampered down by old factory building techniques, etc.

In any case, it's going to be more a gadget and less a vehicle for getting around in, but let's see what they come up with, first, and if it brings about better products from others through competition, all the better.

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Hi Smith san .

I realize that theproject nickname "Titan" is in the article.

Was just having fun. Sorry. Won't do it again.

As for Apple starting from scratch. They have the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and GM Volt to reverse engineer. Would they actually do that?

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If Apple makes a car, would an American car finally sell in Japan?

Bet people will line up 3 days early before launch. Upgrade every couple years. Still require iTunes to do anything.

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gary: "Was just having fun. Sorry. Won't do it again."

Have at it, my friend! I wasn't scolding you or anything. Was just pointing it out in case you didn't see it.

"As for Apple starting from scratch. They have the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and GM Volt to reverse engineer. Would they actually do that?"

What I meant from starting from scratch is that the other companies have to change their systems and ways of thinking to move towards designing and building electric cars, whereas Apple can start from there.

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If Apple makes a car, would an American car finally sell in Japan?

But American cars do sell in Japan.

To hairdressers.

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Smith san

It wasn't me who thumbed you down.

And I agree with what you say about where Apple is coming from.

Anyway should shake things up a bit.

Got a name?

How about the Apple" Bite"

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Apple produces in China.....doubt very much it would produce an American car.

For certain a degree of reverse engineering for their platform and likely to have advanced technology in controls and luxuries.

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In keeping with apple fashion, you probably will not be able to open the hood or modify it without consent from apple. All components will be proprietary and you will not be able to connect anything to it that isnt made by apple. You will only be able to charge it at designated apple charging stations. I hope they will not make there cars like they make their phones.

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Here comes the "icars"!

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Does it get slower every year and unfashionable to drive after 2?

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