Apple poised to expand into speaker market with HomePod


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Yay, a new opportunity to be fleeced by Apple.

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Alexa is nowhere near the usefulness she thinks she is. Comes on for no reason I can tell. And half the time she doesn't listen.

As I have said before...we ain't at the Star Trek "Computer" stage yet.

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family in london have the amazon echo thing, brave new world esk.

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Apple makes earphones with terrific sound and horrific fit. Hope the speakers are something worth looking forward to.

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There's always going to be Privacy concerns over such devices....

And upon a lighter note...

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Hope the speakers are something worth looking forward to.

Don’t try to stick them in your ear lol. Peace.

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It'd be hard to catch up to Amazon and Google, especially without less expensive speakers, since these devices are designed to connect with each other for increased usefulness, and it'd be hard to convince most folks to have multiple $350 speakers all over the place (people may have only 1 or 2 expensive smart speakers, and then a bunch of less expensive smart speakers especially in places that don't need expensive speakers - and they all connect together)

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It is a "high fidelity speaker", but you would need two to listen in stereo. For $700 you could buy a fairly good compact hi-fi that I'm sure would sound better than these stand alone speakers.

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