Apple preparing to launch smaller tablet


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Can't wait. I want to put one in my car. If the size is perfect I can buy 2 of them and put them in the headrests. I wanted to put an iPad in the center dash but it's just too big. A smaller version will be better for monitoring all systems and downloadable in-car entertainment.

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+1 here. A smaller iPad is the perfect size to carry in a bag. Other sites are saying it'll be released in August.

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Not sure of the relevance of the Iphone with this in the market. Having one of these Ipad-llites with portable wi-fi might be good enough. You can stay connected via FB, FaceTime, or Skype for hte small personal wi-fi fee. Something to seriously look into if you want to get away from the smartphone fees.

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I just wish they would make it be a cell phone too! I love my iPhone and my iPad but they overlap in usage scenarios, and I have to carry two devices and pay for both as well. I wouldn't mind holding a seven+ inch iPad/Phone ("iPhad"?) up to my ear for the, increasingly-less-frequent phone call, even though it looks stupid, I don't care, I do not operate under a "worry what people think about me" mentality anyway! I have big hands so I don't mind and I usually use texting to communicate anyway.

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According to the picture smaller tablets are for smaller people.

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I remeber when jobs said its too small and not perfect ..seems after jobs apple going same as android.

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Between my current iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iMac can't say I need another iDevice. I'm all Mac-ed out!

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