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Apple pulls WhatsApp and Threads from App Store on Beijing's orders


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When in EU big tech need to comply to EU, when in China big tech need to comply with China Govt. That simple.

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Can't have competing apps competing for your people's choices, can we China?

Also, a little tit for tat for possible banning of TikTok and previously Hwa Wei.

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The U.S. has threatened to ban TikTok over national security concerns. 

The U.S. can’t have competing apps competing for American’s choices, can we? There are no national security concerns over Huawei or Tik Tok. The world’s supposed most powerful nation is not concerned over Tik Tok. It’s the way of competition in this decade, raise national security concerns to protect against competition.

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CCP demonstrating another fine moment of Freedom of Speech.

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Maybe the Chinese citizens have been using these apps to leak information about China to the rest of the world. It is harder to suppress damaging media from the rest of the world.

Beijing Half Marathon champion has medal taken away after other runners slowed down to let him win


Chinese citizens have been saying the quiet parts out loud, again! What a major embarrassment for the CCP!

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The US needs to be faster to treat Chinese companies as they treat US companies in China. It needs to be controlled by a bureaucrat, not laws, so any response has less than 7 days to be enacted for 30 days, while a longer term solution is determined. But the initial action/reaction needs to be nearly immediate for a clear message.

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National security concerns and the CCP's espionage laws. And they still have not grasped that is the sole reason why countless thousands of foreign companies, and Chinese ones have abandoned China for better countries. The CCP is running China so far down it will not recover.

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This is why we need to remove the censor-enabling pinch points of official stores and mainstream side-loading of apps.

VPNs and data bridges can usually route around national blocks. You can also bounce encrypted packets from any 3rd party website that offers the option. It could be rolled out generally offering mass, crowd-sourcing of free VPN.

Or you can use distributed systems that replace the internet's top-down DNS service, passing encrypted packets around servers, using an alt-DNS created from the bottom up.

Or simply fork and expand an e-mail client to handle rich media in a social media format, passing encrypted packets via e-mail, user to user, to create a distributed social media system.

But nobody seems to do the fun stuff any more online.

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China bans WhatsApp and Threads, US bans Tiktok

It’s the way of competition in this decade, raise national security concerns to protect against competition.

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Bing Chilling

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